Beyond Mindfulness


As you may know, I write a lot about mindfulness – mainly to end your resistance to life and end your suffering. What you are about to read is possibly the most important teaching for your enlightenment. And I am not going to suggest you practice mindfulness. I am going to suggest you go beyond mindfulness.

Most of us spend our time identified with our body mind and emotions. We literally think we are our body, our thoughts and our feelings. Of course this is not the ultimate truth. We are Consciousness, the soul, Atman-Brahman. But we live in the awareness, ‘I Am That’ body, thought and feeling.

‘I am that’ means you are a body, mind and emotion. That limited identification tends to lock you into an ongoing experience lost in a very limited, dissonant, ever-changing experience. Mindfulness has the power to take your attention into the present moment, without judgment. That’s the classical interpretation of Mindfulness. That is immensely beneficial because it takes your attention from ‘I am that’ to ‘I am’. ‘I am’ is one step closer to the soul but it isn’t the soul. ‘I am’ is awareness of yourself now, with the past and future left behind. But it doesn’t eliminate the layers of false identities that are subtler than the body, mind and emotions.

There are subtle identifications you hold; your stories, beliefs, conditioning, roles, patterns etc. Even with mindfulness, you hold these as who you are. In mindfulness you are still your role and story - your ego. Even when you come into the present without judgment you haven’t let go of the subtle identifications you hold to be your self. Your ‘I am’ simply leaves you in the present moment awareness of the ego and created identity you have come to believe you are. It might get you out of the past and future but that doesn’t transform you.

Real transformation reorients your attention to the soul and that’s critical because of what that is and what that can do. For real transformation to take place you must transcend the body, mind, emotions and false identifications of a created self and experience the soul; absolute, pure awareness. It is in that experience that true transformation is possible. When you go beyond the created self – the stories, beliefs, conditioning, roles and patterns – you are left with ‘I’. And the ‘I’ is the Absolute. It is the impersonal God. It is beyond time and space, beyond all relativity. And that is your true Self. That is the absolute potential of all that is possible.

So becoming mindful is a helpful first stage to end suffering, but for transformation and enlightenment to take place and be revealed, experiencing and integrating a continual experience of the Absolute is required. The Absolute is emptiness. It is pure Consciousness. It is the witness. And that is accomplished by any technique or vibrational up-leveling that takes you to the finest aspect of relative experience and allows you to transcend both the technique and vibration, leaving you in the Absolute.

Ultimately it is grace that allows for the complete revelation of the essential Self. And grace is divine energy – Shakti, Chi, Ki. So to reveal enlightenment find your way of connecting to Shakti. The most powerful way grace is bestowed is through an enlightened master, but there are other techniques that expand Shakti. This is an energetic path, a vibrational path. It’s not intellectual or physical path. And even that vibrational path must, in the end, be transcended. In the transcendent there is oneness because everything is Consciousness and the transcendent is pure Consciousness – which is what you and I are.

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