It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Creating your altar – Connection and intention

Creating your altar – Connection and intention

Your altar represents the highest intention for your life. You are creating a space in your home or office that represents a point of connection to your highest Self, your teacher, your God, to Nature, your family or your goal. It is an elevation or prioritization of an important aspect that you honor, worship or aspire to. So it is important that is represent you personally.

There are a core group of intentions that your altar can focus upon and connect you to.

Connection to Nature: The five elements; earth, air, fire, water and space createharmony and connection to the unity of life. Creating a crystal grid on your altar can bring in a powerful natural energy.

Connect to a specific energy: Rituals are performed before your altar to connect you to a certain power or energy. These can range from Vedic puja, chanting and prayer to a magical incantation.

Connect to your essential Self: Meditation and spiritual awakening are often done before an altar  that holds the intention of enlightenment and connects you to saints and sages who were enlightened.

When you create an altar with a powerful aspect of remembrance that brings you into the heart, you offer love and respect to your teacher, an aspect of God, your family member or even your pet.

Remember that your altar is a sacred space and it will accumulate a powerful energy over time. Always place your altar in an appropriate space, keeping it clean. Making offerings, doing spiritual practices and offering the highest blessings continually add to that energy and to your expansion and the unfolding of your enlightenment.

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