It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Finding Our Way


Recently I was walking through fresh snow with a friend. As we avoided the dog mushing teams, we shared ideas of spiritual growth, mediumship and law of attraction. We discussed how awareness allows a different feeling to take place in our everyday life. Our interactions with the world have changed.

Certainly for me I have experienced times where I wanted nothing more than the moment at hand. When I was younger these experiences usually occurred in nature or with animals. Now I know connection is always near. I often experience time at a standstill where I am able to remember our vast, limitless energetic connection. I have discovered that as we experience life with less reaction; we move easily to the place of peace, abundance and flow.

If we are reacting to a situation, we are decreasing our connection to the abundant flow of life. As we connect to an event or belief we are shutting down other possibilities. We are only putting intention on our limiting desired outcome. If we are desperate for a particular outcome; we likely want to have some control over the situation. As we put our energy into controlling life, we shut down our ability to receive the energy that allows us to experience the abundance of life.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals for myself, my family or the world at large. It means that I make my plans and if there is a change I try to not react. It’s a matter of reminding myself there is more to the big picture. This practice was tested last week. ( OK to be honest.. It’s often tested! ) I was out of town watching our youngest compete at a swim meet. My husband and one of our daughters were planning on traveling out of state for a ski and college trip.

Chloe, (our daughter) was in a serious ski accident, just before the intended time of travel. This meant travel plans, college commitments, and physical health were being reconstructed. It was really a great opportunity for me to step back and just observe. I stayed with our youngest at the pool. My husband handled our daughter’s injury perfectly!

As I have shared in my channels there is an element of things that are not essential, just falling away. That is the life shift that has taken place. My life feels different in that I energetically feel things unfold (or fall into being ) for me. It’s like everything has been waiting for me to become aware of it. It is as though each step takes me to where I’m supposed to be and all is well.. all else falls away. Even my biggest dreams appear more tangible than ever before.

I am able to experience this because of my increased ability to observe and not hold onto what is not serving me. It rests on the vision of understanding that desperation is not part of the process in living an abundant life. Believe me this was trial and error! I had to remember how to live in a gentle world.

Please know that each and everyone one of us is highly capable of achieving the ability to live a life of abundance and freedom. The first step is believing; having faith. You must have courage to follow your heart and know you are cared for. Put down your beliefs of what needs to happen for your happiness. Allow your happiness to show you the way.

Another vital component to experiencing gentleness and abundance, is allowing yourself to create a world that feels right for you. This means let go of what other people may think or what they are doing. What doesn’t benefit you is falling away. It is all about what energetically is the right fit for you. living this way allows all else to fall away.. you are living in the flow of life.

Polly's Pertinent Channelling

Together let’s blend the heart, mind and soul. In each one of us there is a part of the brain, the heart and soul that will merge, actually already has merged, as one. It is the part of you that allows the connection of brilliant mind energy to evolve in the space of all that is and ever was.. we hold this beautiful limitless ability with us .. each thought, each word and each moment has the ability to stand still and allow completeness to appear..

Each of us is complete, whole and able to transcend at any given moment.. it is the merging of our minds, heart and soul.. simply allow the rest to slip away and you will find the completeness you seek..

Seeking is truly not necessary for your ability to experience love in its complete form.. Imagine your mind, your beautiful mind and all that it is able to create.. all that you see before you.. IS YOU. Imagine the beauty of your mind merging fully with your heart.. Imagine your heart filled with only the element of divine love.. Imagine this beautiful mind that has displayed the creative power of the divine, merging with the source of love in your heart and returning to the soul completely uncomplicated, completely free .. completely one.. this moment, this vision, this breath completes

For tomorrow holds the future but today holds the grace to see this vision of all, knowing we need nothing more, we are complete .. knowing tomorrow is nothing more than a limiting version of all. We hold the vision . We hold all. We exist in the beauty of all.

End of Channel

I am learning a lot through my most recent channels. In the past, I had it in my logical mind that spiritual evolution or really understanding all; occurs with our passing. I’m learning that we have the ability to experience in this life form the evolution of transcendence. We have the ability to shift our awareness to the greater awareness that binds us. We have the ability to transcend beyond words, time and place at this very moment. All else falls away.

In Gratitude and Love, Polly

"We've Been Waiting for You"
When Love Comes Later (Finding Love Later in Life)

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