It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Freedom from your past

lantern-on-windowsill-picture-id160650728 Freedom from your past

Sometimes your viewpoint can cause unnecessary suffering. When you see the past as experiences that were done to you, then you become the victim. When you take the stance that that person did this to you, he said that to you, she thought that about you, you view life in a false way. No one is ever doing anything to you. No one has that power. Everyone is showing up exactly, yes exactly as they must show up FOR you; for your evolution and expansion and realization.

This is quite difficult for some to believe, especially if you experienced abuse and trauma at the hands of another. Everything in life is happening for your awakening. It is you that places a limited judgment upon it and by doing so you set limitations upon yourself. These limited judgments disempower you. No one can disempower you except yourself. It is a choice stemming from the viewpoint you attach to your past.

Imagine how everything would shift if you, for just a minute, saw everything as supporting your awakening, happening for your realization, moving your evolution into hyper-drive. Let go of the judgment you’ve placed upon your past and the people and events in it. Become neutral to them. Witness them and allow them to take on a different purpose, a truer purpose. This will free you. This will end the suffering you experience from the past. This is a truer version of reality. Your past and all that will unfold in your life in the future is always happening for you.


The Power of Awareness - Free Meditation

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