It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How to Create your Personal Altar

How to Create your Personal Altar

Altars are designed to create specific vibrational frequencies and to connect you to Universal energy. This might be embodied in an enlightened being, in nature or in an aspect of the Divine.

You may have only one or two choices as to where you place your altar, but there are specific locations that represent specific energies:

North is abundance and contains the color green

• Northeast is benevolent relationships and contains the color yellow.

• East is perfect health and contains the color white. 

• Northwest is enlightenment and contains the color gold.

• South is career advancement and contains the color red.

In the creation of an altar there are 5 specific energies that are represented on the altar: 

1) Air resides in the northwest corner and can be represented by a chime, incense, a fan or a feather.

2) Water resides in the northeast corner and can be represented by pure water or a small fountain. This is where you would place fresh flowers in water.

3) Space resides in the center of the altar and is represented by a tray or bowl  into which offerings can be made. Place a sacred picture or statue behind the space area. This is the core space of connection and intention.

4) Fire resides in the southeast corner and is represented by a candle. You may also use an oil or butter lamp or incense. 

5) Earth resides in the southwest corner and is represented by crystals, a plant or seeds.

It is important to perform an activation of your altar once it is completed. This is accomplished through connection to the heart and the silent Self. Light the candle and incense. Remember the reason you chose what is now on your altar. Feel the presence of the person, nature or divine aspect represented on your altar. Offer your gratitude and offer your practice and service to the benefit of all living beings.

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