It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Jingle Bells – Be Here Now


Have you noticed that Christmas seems to be way too early every year? I was with a couple of my friends on Saturday night at a mall and we were remarking how eerie it was that everything was all decked out for Christmas already.

Everywhere we looked was tinsel, and glittery ornaments and holiday smells and there was music like Jingle Bells and other joyful happy holiday songs playing everywhere.

To be honest I love all of it.

I love the smells, the glittery sweaters, the tree decorating, the lights- the whole enchilada. I am one of these former Bah Humbug people who now gets completely kazumba with one whiff of the Holy Holiday Spirit.

But also to be honest? Not so much this early!
It’s like the day after Halloween we were getting our Santa Suits out?
It’s not like this is a new trend.
But, this year, it feels different.

If you slow down and tune in you will feel it. There is a pervasive undercurrent of fear that has accompanied this season in particular. Can you feel it? Like we better look forward to something rather than stay in the moment! Look ahead Santa is coming. Better things await. Jingle Bells falalalalalalala.

And, wow look at all the stuff! OOOOH, you know you want it! Anything to distract the mind away from the real issues at hand, that so much of us is dying, and our old ways haven’t been replaced yet so we triple up on the familiar. At least we’re trying to fake it.

And, at the same time all the while the smarmy shadowy truths are also being highlighted in various ways making “the way things are” into quite the “cluster cluck”  (new improved and appropriate spelling for a sensitive audience) – tough for even the strongest of us to handle.

We all know this is nothing new. We are a consumer society and the stores need to get us to buy stuff to survive etc. (I promise this is not a blog on economics and capitalism.) It’s that time of year.

But, pretty soon we won’t even have the tinsel cleaned up, when Valentine’s decorations appear. Coming home from Valentine’s dinner, there’s Easter decor in the store windows.

Why are we always so convinced the magic is somewhere down the road, never right here?

Because! We are taught to live in a false linear construct of reality where happiness, eternal youth, great sex, spiritual enlightenment, purpose, prestige, wealth and status (in no particular order) is an ever elusive finite destination that supposedly exists in another place besides the one we are currently in.

It’s a conditioned addiction and one of the first choices we need to make when we choose awareness over sleepwalking, when we choose intention and co-creation over seeking absolute determinism in a non existent future.

“But will we be ok? Tell me we’ll be Ok”.

Somehow this year it feels more desperate, and the Light more blinding, even though we need more of it.

Judging any of it as bad bad bad and wagging the proverbial finger with pursed lips in fundamental reproach does nothing to change any of it.

And, I don’t know about you but I can’t stand blogs that whine without solutions. Even a crappy solution is a start in the right direction.

So here is mine.

Be here now. Love all, serve all now. Love the skin you’re in, love the breath you inhale. Love God, all the angels, and whatever Higher Power you know has the groceries for your starving heart. Share the pie with strangers especially with people who are different. Practice an open heart even if different brings fear. Love your past - that too.

Sing Jingle Bells in July and bring the holiday spirit into everything you do. Or why wait until then let’s just start now!

I have to be honest .. all that holiday stuff was pretty effective. I didn’t buy anything. I just doubled up my efforts for my Charity event in NYC and listened to Bing Crosby all day.

I’m gonna do Jingle Bells but I’m not looking forward to the holidays. I am going to be with it now not then! I’m going to celebrate today and be tuned into the Spirit right here and now. The holiday spirit is about love, sharing, kindness, compassion and gift giving. Gifts are inherent in your time, your full attention and your presence. And, you can lead with gratitude, wrap it up in a bow and send it to the world. Yep.. it’s all right here. Right now. No purchase necessary.

“But will we be ok? Tell me we’ll be Ok”.

If we stay awake, and present in the moment we will.
We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Love you always,

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