March Darshan - A Gift of Grace (video)


Join me for an all new darshan session where I share divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding your experience of fulfillment, peace and love each month.

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal
.” What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share a state of oneness – the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful force for transformation.

These sessions are offered as a blessing, without charge or requirements of any kind.


Starts April 23 

Priced by donation - the choice is yours for this Master Course. 

There is a power that is responsible for revealing the Self, for revealing oneness. That power created the universe, created your mind and will unveil your divinity.

Life Force is an advanced, week-long journey into that power. Life Force is a profound experience of the creative and revealing power of the divine.

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