It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and a Busy Mind


What have you put into your mind? What have you fed your mind for years? What vibrations have you filled your mind with? You can feel them now reflected in the state of your mind; at peace or at war, calm or agitated, a clear, calm lake or a monkey mind. It is what it is and so you must look at how to shift it into a mind that functions naturally, in a way that is always supporting your fullest expression and expanded state.

You have filled yourself with so many impressions, many that are vibrationally unsupportive and dense. The first step is to find a way to change your energy so that higher vibrational frequencies, more peaceful and aligned frequencies reflect within your mind.

You spend much of your life at war with life. You are in the habit of always wanting life to change, to be different from what it is and you spend so much time fixing it. You separate yourself from others through judgment and criticism and not allowing others to authentically be themselves. And you live an in-authentic life that requires that your mind work overtime being something that is not who you really are in order to win approval, acceptance and love.

In separation, the mind has to work over-time to justify and make sense of the illusion you live in.

Peace is found in connection and authenticity. It is supported by immersing yourself in a peaceful vibration, internally and externally.

The three main ways to create a mind at peace are to

  1. Approach life with kindness, compassion and gentleness
  2. Choose what is beneficial over what is pleasurable
  3. Find what expands your serenity and incorporate that into your life

Balance is also a necessary ingredient. Modern life is hectic and over-stimulating. Over-stimulation takes you out of balance.

Resistance to life needs to be replaced with acceptance so your war with life ends.

Connection needs to be restored and authenticity needs to be lived.

Become mindful of who you associate with and how their vibration affect you, and this includes your partner, workers, friends and groups you belong to.

Everything is a catalyst that affects your mind. Which catalysts support a monkey mind and which support peace of mind?

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