It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and dealing with Crisis


Everything that happens in your life is happening for you. Life is a series of situations that are being created for your awakening. Your destiny is unfolding perfectly for you to return to connection to your essential Self.

Everyone’s life has a destiny which is playing out in harmony with all things. But you have a limited perspective from which you judge everything. When an extreme situation arises in your life you judge it from a human perspective and label it a crises. You see it in a limited perspective. You personalize the situation.

Crisis is accelerated change and change is the vehicle for expansion and evolution to march forward.

Crisis tests your humanity. It is the ultimate trigger for both bringing into awareness what needs resolution and also who you really are; peace, love, abundance, bliss and well-being. Dramatic times create the opening for leaps in expanding awareness. Welcome them, even in the midst of your fear, pain, heart-break and loss. Crisis opens you to seeing deeply.

Most of your life you are not being put in a situation that requires much of you from a growth perspective, from an expansion perspective. Crisis accelerates the process of expansion. It is the ultimate tool in creating change, new ways of seeing life, new levels of creativity, and especially new ways of relating to yourself that require us to be in connection with your true self.

You have a divine and a human perspective. From the divine perspective everything is always in harmony, playing out perfectly. From the human perspective though crisis can take you to your knees. You must accept this part of yourself. You have to recognize that there is truth to both perspectives and accept your feelings and responses, and love them.

The main effect of a crisis is to create fear of the future. If there is no money in the bank, you fear homelessness and loss of self-worth. If a family member is sick you fear death. If someone dies you fear loneliness and loss. As much as possible, keep your mind in the present moment. Move forward with what is needed and beneficial at this moment.

The other effect of crisis is loss of control and powerlessness. Crisis has the magnifying effect of showing you that you are not in control and you have no power over the future. Allow and accept life on life’s terms. Trust that this may not be what you think is best but that it is bringing you into an expanded awareness and furthering your evolution.

Let go of the habit of personalizing the situation and making it about you and your worth. It is always simply the play of life for your benefit, even when it feels the opposite.

Understand that you are always looking at the crisis from a very limited perspective. The possibilities that are being created for you are seldom visible in the midst of a crisis. The unfolding that is being created still isn’t here.

Accept your pain. Accept your emotional reaction. Accept your fear. If there is a loss, accept that your heart may be broken. Be honest. Allow yourself to experience everything. Cry if you feel it. But don’t let it take you out. Feel it and give yourself the space to resolve it all but limit its reach, time and depth to manageable levels.

You are love and peace and that is within at your core. That is always there and accessible when the waves of worry and grief subside. As much as you allow yourself to access and experience the dissonance of a crisis, also allow yourself to access the love and peace that is your essential nature.

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