It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and Dealing with What Triggers You


A trigger is an event that causes a reaction or a response. In you there are unresolved energetic impressions that can become activated and when they become activated they cause a reaction in you. They activate an energy and a feeling or emotion. They cause the mind to respond to the feeling contained within the impression. Most times that feeling is dissonant, because it is unresolved, and so the mind responds in a habitual way of distracting yourself from the feeling or stuffing it back down inside or letting it out and taking others down.

When you distract yourself you over-eat, over-drink, use drugs, gamble, over-indulge in sex, work, TV, social media, or any activity that allows you to ignore what you are feeling. When you stuff it inside you add to the energy’s density and it festers within. When you let it out, it can be destructive to you and others.

A trigger is actually calling for your attention. It is telling you what needs resolution. It is signaling that it is there and it is giving you an opportunity to end your suffering. But there is a natural response in you to want to feel and reach for the pleasant and push away the unpleasant. You naturally resist the unpleasant. This resistance to feeling what is being triggered misses the opportunity for resolution and greater freedom. You will create your life in a way that only allow people, places and things around you that don’t trigger you. But it is the uncomfortable that allows for the greatest growth. It is the trigger that is your teacher, mirroring what is inside you in need of resolution.

Triggers are your ultimate friend on the journey to awakening and ending suffering. They are the sign-posts of what is unresolved, what needs your attention and where you greatest chances for growth lie.

The beauty of using mindfulness when you are triggered is that triggers activate a habitual reaction within you and mindfulness allows you the space to watch what is happening instead of automatically moving into reaction. By watching it, it gives you the time to breathe and move into the present moment, not caught by the reaction you would habitually move into. Then you can relax in the moment and instead of react you have the choice to respond consciously and move out of unconscious reaction. This allows you to express appropriately and feel what is happening, bringing awareness to what is seeking resolution within you. This moves the focus from blaming something outside of you for the feeling to realizing that the energy you are feeling has been triggered from within you. Resolution becomes possible. You have choices for proper and beneficial action instead of taking other people out.

Because triggers generally cause a reactive, habitual response when they arise there is a benefit to developing neutrality around them. That requires watching them, witnessing them, creating space around them, and bringing awareness to what is happening. Neutrality requires understanding what is actually happening and the possibilities that are being created in the moment for resolution and expanded awareness.

What activates you liberates you by bringing awareness to the opportunity for resolution. Feel it, run toward it, accept and allow it. Bring it fully into conscious awareness and love it.

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