It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and Fear


Fear is a vibrational energy. Fear is an organic, natural energy that is shared by all animals, unlike guilt and shame, which are not natural. When animals experience fear they feel it and shake it off, literally, and move on. We refuse to feel it and it accumulates, causing density. Then we prove to ourselves that the world is an unsafe place. We keep it locked in place to protect us, but then it keeps us locked in place. Fear limits and restricts us. We stay in unsatisfying relationships, unsatisfying jobs, invalidating the universal principle of more. We play life safe. We hold onto our limitations.

When we experience fear we fight, flee or freeze, all of which stop the flow of energy and impede receiving and expansion.

Fear is an immature, primitive reaction. It served primitive man well and served us well as children to protect us. It keeps us safe, but small and needy and weighs us down even as it seems to support us.

Fear exists on the mental level and much of our mental activity is being run on the energy of fear. It is like a membrane that enshrouds us, protecting us from deeper vibrational density within, mostly sadness. It is a self-defense mechanism. 

Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is a willingness to feel fear and move forward anyway. Fear sets up a barrier both to us receiving our magnificence, and experiencing and giving out our Divinity. Fear is a vibrational membrane that locks energy in place. Courage allows our energy to flow by restoring movement. We feel the fear and walk through that barrier of fear. Fear is not wrong but it is limiting. Courage is sustaining momentum and moving through this barrier of fear, moving beyond our comfort zone. Fearlessness equals doing, moving forward, keeping momentum.

Fear and failure exists on the plane of separate egoic self, limited individual identity, not on the level of Soul. Apparent failure is part of our evolution. It is bringing us into greater alignment with our Divinity and bringing us into the experience of oneness. Soul is running our life and on a Soul level there is no such thing as failure. Both success and failure are not the truth. Everything is perfect as far as our Soul evolution. Life is only going where our soul needs to go. To imagine failure requires an expectation, a fixed mental position, or a pre-requisite; but these are false judgments on a Soul level.

Failure is a process of refining. As an infant we wanted to go from place A to place B. From zero to 7 months we thought about it, but couldn’t move. From 8 months to 1 year we slowly crawled from A to B. From 1 year to 2 years we walked from A to B, falling down many times. Then we ran, and even then we fell at times. None of that was a failure. God is refining us, evolving us until we come into our full Divine expression. Have we had 4 marriages, or 3 bankruptcies? Are our kids not speaking to us? Are we failures at marriage, finances, or as parents? No, we are experiencing refinement, our perfect Soul evolution. It took Thomas Edison 100 tries before he perfected the light bulb. If we get sick we think it is a failure but it is the Soul experiencing the world through sickness as part of our Soul evolution.

As far as the Divine is concerned, no other outcome is possible except what is showing up. We are the Divine unfolding into our magnificence, perfectly.

Recognize what triggers fear and how we respond. Bringing vibrational density into the light of awareness dissolves it. Do we have a set behavior, a pattern, go into denial, egoic compensation, arrogance, distraction, withdraw or become introverted? Do we overeat, drink, check our phone or e-mail for the 100th time, or otherwise distract ourselves? Make fear our friend because when we feel that barrier of fear we know we are at the precipice of expansion if we allow ourselves to keep moving. Be at peace with the overwhelm and hold a willingness to keep going. Face our fears and allow the density of sadness to come up and be felt. As this energy is addressed and felt, the membrane of fear no longer needs to exist.

It’s not about getting over the past. It’s about including the past. As we allow ourselves to feel it, to see it and allow it, we become less identified with the past. The emotional density contained in those memories is allowed to flow and move out. We no longer personalize them and we alter our relationship with the past. This creates a greater awareness and it is greater awareness that leads to compassion and empathy.

Try Starting Your Day Like This…
How can we hold onto our identities more lightly?

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