It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and Health

Mindfulness and Health

In essence, supporting your health is an act of gratitude and worship. You have been given this vehicle to express in the world and you must address the body’s requirements in a balanced fashion. Since you must eat, eat with mindfulness, eat with balance and eat what supports health. Since you must move, move and exercise with balance and grace. Since you may get sick and someday will die, do not become too attached to the body. The body allows you to be here, to evolve and know the essential self. You must kill to survive so always express gratitude and connect to what you eat mindfully. Allow the body to serve its purpose and support it in that.

Health also includes a healthy mind. Realize that every thought you think affects you and your state, including your body. You are ingesting what you take in through all of your senses and filling yourself up with whatever that is; beneficial or harmful. The beneficial will calm the mind and expand consciousness. The harmful will agitate you and create narrow vision.

Over or under eating, over or under exercising, over or under mental focus is all unbalanced. A harmonious life is dependent upon harmonious health of the body and mind. It is taking in what is beneficial and creating optimal functioning and peace. When nature is out of balance there is a catastrophe. When your body or mind is out of balance something will go wrong; sickness, stress and strain. There is a breakdown of the flow of energy (prana) when health becomes unbalanced and that will reflect in your outer life. Energy, both physical and mental, when balanced will create optimal functioning.

One of the biggest assaults on health comes from distraction. When we use food and drink to distract us we unbalance ourselves. Drinking excessive alcohol, eating excessive foods all unbalance and inflame the system. When we create an unbalanced focus on mental distractions of all kind, we suffer. Alignment with our nature, alignment with our highest functioning state, alignment and connection to our essential self requires a balanced state, a natural state, a life supporting state.

There is a uniqueness to health also. As a unique expression, what supports you the best and creates peace and a condition of thriving may be different from another. You may thrive as a vegetarian, a vegan or meat eater. You may thrive as someone who goes to the gym 6 days a week or takes an easy walk a few days a week. You may thrive involved in the world and always enjoying expanding your knowledge or you may be more at peace in a quiet, secluded environment. This requires awareness, mindfulness and feeling into what supports you.

Health revolves around resonance and balance. When you make space to examine what supports your body and mind start with these 2 concepts.

Resonance: Is what you are feeding your body supporting it? Are you eating to live or living to eat as an addiction or distraction? Bring awareness to the process by first creating a space of recognition. Either what you ingest is resonant or dissonant with who you are and what raises your vibration, expands your consciousness and supports your body and peace of mind. Does what you consume mentally and physical support your life force?

For a healthy body resonance is about deciding if the food is in season, has a pleasing spice level, the right look, smell, freshness and that the taste is appealing, Does it resonate with you? For some that means not eating meat or dairy and for others meat is fine. There are three main body types and does the food you eat support yours. Naturally you will be drawn to foods that you need and support you if you are in resonance. For some resonance means no caffeine, for others caffeine doesn’t overly affect them.

When food is consumed out of distraction it is not in resonance.

For balance of the body you should look at what is the right amount of total food you consume, not over or under eating. What is the mix of protein, starch, fat, minerals etc.?  Is there a balance of great flavor and great nutrition and a little fun? Can you balance desserts?  Health is very dependent upon keeping the prana, your life energy, balanced. Moderation and aligning intake with your unique bodily needs goes a long way in maintaining balance.

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