Mindfulness and Money


Abundance is an aspect of consciousness. It is not created. It is uncovered or revealed or allowed. It already exists as an aspect of who you are. Fully expanded consciousness will automatically manifest abundance because abundance is its nature. If you purify yourself and expand your consciousness, abundance will manifest, effortlessly and naturally. In an expanded state you will intuitively know and believe that your abundance is assured because you are completely in touch with your true nature and then all of nature will conspire to create your abundance.

Most people are not in complete connection with natural abundance so then you may need to move your feet and work hard, because hard work can create something, mainly an initial movement out of being stuck in lack.

Receiving and attracting are about creating a state of receptivity, allowing, and accepting. When your resistance is removed and it is replaced with surrender, then you become open to receive all the universe wants to give you.

You want a certain thing that makes you feel abundant joy; a car, money, a business, a relationship. You want it because we feel when you get it, it will make you happy. So you are coming, right from the start, from a place of not having it and not being happy. Your starting place is lack and resistance to ‘what is’. You think, ‘I want a car, I want money, I want a business’, and your focus is slightly off. You are focusing on what we do not have and are in resistance to ‘what is’. Shift your focus to gratitude for what you do have and what you actually are; the universal power of abundance. One who is in alignment with who they are merely has a thought and it manifests. Conscious manifestation can only happen in alignment with what you are; universal consciousness and power. Manifestation will be strong or weak depending upon the strength or weakness of your alignment with what we are and your non-resistant willingness to receive.

Abundance is brought about through being in alignment vibrationally inside with your essential nature. When you hold the natural vibration of abundance within, then that will be reflected in your reality outside. Being open to receiving through allowing and connection creates the foundation for vibrationally receiving. Expanding awareness opens you to greater possibilities.

To accelerate your ability to produce and attract money into your life it is beneficial to see the big picture, see how all the pieces fit together, hold the broadest vision and awareness, develop clarity and see deeply into the interconnectedness of people and situations. This enables you to expand your ability to recognize and identify the path, the means, and all that supports achieving your financial goal.

Identifying opportunities

1) Determining the pathway to success

2) Perceiving methods for innovation

3) Recognizing everyone and everything that could support your success

4) Unleashing potential in yourself, others and situations

5) Anticipating the effects of your decisions

The 8 key factors for accelerated financial achievement are

1) Connection to the field of unlimited possibilities, intelligence and power

2) Intuition

3) Clarity

4) Intention

5) Motivation

6) Inspiration

7) Momentum

8) Action with

    A) Consistency

    B) Commitment

    C) Repetition

Predicting the Future.. or Creating it?
“If you think you are free, you can’t escape…”

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