It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and the Joy of Living


Life was created for the expansion of bliss. This may be hard to believe because most of the time this is not your experience. Your nature is joy and it is the expression and expansion of your nature that is the reason you are here. Enjoying life is to be in alignment with your nature and your purpose.

It basically comes down to love or fear. Your nature is love and when you are connected and grounded in your authentic nature you are able to enjoy life. You can flow with the expansion of life. You can accept change as the cause for more evolution. You can allow life to bring you all that uniquely supports your expression. You can connect to others and live authentically. In love there is total acceptance and allowing and trust.

When you are resisting life you suffer. When you are attached to outcomes you suffer. When you live in conditioning and live in-authentically you suffer. When you refuse to feel what there is to feel you suffer. When you live in fear you lose trust, then you worry and you suffer.

You feel life is happing to you and you constantly are trying to fix it, control it and move it in a direction you feel will better serve you. Life is happening for you and when this reality sets in you can relax and enjoy life.

For life to be enjoyed you have to end your war with life. You have to move from battling and wanting to change ‘what is’ to loving and accepting ‘what is’. You have to end your resistance and allow life to bring you all that it wants for you.

Enjoying life requires that you become open to receiving, aware of the unlimited possibilities that life is daily bringing before you and seizing the possibilities. This allows you to move from grasping to receiving, from limitation to possibilities and from feeling stuck to restoring momentum.

When you feel dis-connected you feel lost. When you are dis-connected to your essential Self you live in lack and limitation and it becomes impossible to enjoy life. In connection you experience the love, peace and joy that you essentially are. You no longer have to exhaust yourself seeking those things in the outer world. You realize that is who you are.

Mindfulness creates the space that allows you to experience that the lack and limitation, the struggle, the worries and fears are not who you are. They are created by your attachment to outcomes, trying to fix life and resisting life.

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