It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness and Why You Meditate


Meditation is about re-connecting. Mindfulness is about creating spaciousness and present moment awareness. Together they create the foundation for transformation to unfold.

Meditation is a journey from an outwardly focused life where the senses are always keeping your awareness focused outside, to bringing the awareness inward and leading it to the Self, a state of pure awareness. Meditation allows the realization of the authentic Self and the essential nature of who you are. Meditation is knowing the Self, realizing who you are and immersing yourself in the light of the Self. Self-realization is your natural state of awareness. It is restoring connection.

Mindfulness is bringing yourself back to the reality of the present moment. It is disengaging from the past and future that capture your awareness, causing you to live in old or future illusory realities and allows you to rest in the now. Now is the only place power resides. Now is the only neutral place from which to make conscious choices, receive what the universe is offering you and seize possibilities. Now is the only place transformation is possible. And mindfulness creates the space for awareness to blossom. You can only move from reaction to response when there is some degree of spaciousness. You can only change your energy to change your life in the present moment.

Connection, present moment awareness and spaciousness allow purpose and passion to unfold. They allow for the expansion of awareness which is the first step in releasing you from conditioning, limiting beliefs, false identities and stories.

When you think of thriving in life and that what you are seeking is really peace and fulfillment there becomes a necessity to create a foundation that can support all that you want your life to be. Remembering who you are and living in that experience fully is what allows you to access your nature as peace, love, joy and abundance and express that in the world. There is no way to thrive without it. And you must be centered and balanced in the present to find the emotional and mental stability to be creative, innovative and manifest powerfully.

Find the time and commit to your well-being. Be consistent and repetitive in meditation and mindfulness. Live consciously. Think, speak and act consciously and bring awareness to all you do and create. Move from reaction to response.

It is easy to forget about your foundation when all your attention is focused on the reaction, drama, survival, distraction and pleasure. Realize what is really supporting your life and you will see that there is joy in remembrance and connection. There is power and joy and abundance in connection and the present moment.

It’s all about awareness; Self-awareness, present moment awareness, conscious thought, conscious speaking and conscious acting. You are battered around by life when you live unconsciously. You go from one reaction to another. Gain awareness when you are triggered. Gain awareness when there is a crisis. Gain awareness the next time you worry about the future. Every time you begin to speak create a moment to stop and become aware. End unconscious living. When you walk into work, stop for 2 seconds and breath. Bring yourself into the present, connect to yourself and connect to your foundation. When you come home after work meditate for a while. Re-center yourself so you can show up consciously for your family. When you feel out of control, watch and witness what is happening so you can find your ground state and move forward with beneficial choices and positive responses. Meditation and mindfulness are the foundation for fulfillment in life and true connection.

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