Mindfulness and Worry

Mindfulness and Worry

Worry is born from a lack of trust. You have tried to control life, especially when you feel insecure and vulnerable. When you feel your life is unstable you begin to project into the future and worry. You lose trust when you lose stability, when you lose connection to a strong foundation inside. You imagine all the negative possibilities; poverty, homelessness, being alone. You stoke fear-based energies. These arise when you feel disconnected internally and fear arises.


You have such a strong attachment to certain outcomes. When these outcomes appear to be crumbling in front of you, fear strengthens, unworthiness increases and you worry as you see control slipping away, as you see possibilities narrow.


You also identify as your accomplishments, your possessions, your thoughts and your fears. Your self-worth is attached to outcomes and circumstances. So when your attachments and identifications come under assault, when they crumble, you move into worry. You are not your mind, your body, your possessions or your stories. You are limitless love, peace and abundance. When you can move into this authentic identification, you open up to the possibility of peace.

In many cases, your worrying brings into being the very thing you’re worried about.

When the worry arises, stop, become mindful of what is happening, slow down and come back to present moment awareness. In this present moment you are OK.

The future is not reality. It is coloured by fears and expectations. Remember that life is unfolding for you.

Sometimes you feel out of control, unsafe and unsupported. These feelings make you lose trust in yourself, others, the universe and maybe even the divine. You feel disconnected and adrift. Fear sets in. This creates worry; worry you won’t have enough, worry you’ll be alone, worry you’ll never amount to anything, worry you’ll be hurt. It comes in many forms.

If you have moved into fear and distrust and the worry that is symptomatic of that, then you need to address the fear and distrust and bring them into the light of awareness.

Worry arises from lack of trust and from self-doubt. When you fear a certain future, you are putting out a specific energy that allows that fear to become your reality. So it is important to disrupt that energy. You must find a grounded state rooted in your authentic self.

Begin by grounding yourself in the present moment. Start with the most apparent thing; your body, something solid and real and present moment. Ground yourself in that present moment reality and feel your arm, rub your hands together. Feel your feet on the floor. Bring your awareness to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Release the future by being in the present.

Look below the worry and see the cause of the symptom; what is causing the fear and distrust. Bring the light of awareness and mindfulness to these feelings hidden deep within you.

Bring yourself back to the truth that everything is working out for you if you allow it to. You are OK in the moment.

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