Mindfulness and Worthiness


Worth is determined by how you value something and Self-worth is determined by the extent to which you deem yourself excellent or lacking and how you value yourself.

How do you see yourself? You are, to some extent, living an in-authentic life. You have created an image, a created self to fit in, to be accepted and to be loved. Everything you think, say and do is caught up in your quest to be valued by others. So your self-worth is being determined by an outside person or group of people who have never been able to see the authentic you.

Living in an in-authentic, created self is always false. It never allows you or another to see the real you. It excludes and dis-allows intimacy. When you value yourself on this basis it can only be in-authentic so there is always some degree of worthlessness, lack, criticism and a perspective of always seeing your limitations. There is never a hope of experiencing self-worth when you view yourself from this perspective.

Your worth and your value can only truly be assessed when you see the reality of who you are. And your reality can only be experienced when you break from the illusion of seeing yourself as a created self, made from old limiting experiences and conditioning imposed upon you by others.

To experience your divinity, your magnificence, your essential nature as love and peace, you must let go of resistance to ‘what is’ and the created self. Your unresolved emotional content, your false judgment on past experiences and your conditioning are what separates you from your authenticity and the ability to experience true worth.

Mindfulness brings you into the present moment and allows resistance to dissolve. Feeling what is unresolved within, bringing it into the light of awareness and connecting to who you essentially are allow you to let go of the conditioning, the limiting beliefs, the unconscious patterns and the false identity you live in.

  • Be in the present moment
  • Bring awareness to what is unresolved and seeking your attention
  • Identify your core wound of depression and fear of unworthiness
  • Feel it and accept yourself as you are now
  • Discover what needs to be done to accept yourself and resolve to end separation; forgiveness, love and compassion
  • Realize the essential, authentic self as love and peace
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