It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness, Guilt and Shame

Mindfulness, Guilt and Shame

Sometimes we make an intention or a resolution and break it. We feel guilty. We feel bad and angry that we let ourselves or others down, sad we have broken our promise, or fearful we are going down a slippery slope. Maybe we think we have sinned. All this combines to form guilt, a learned and conditioned response to what happens when we violate our sense of integrity. Guilt is self-inflicted. It is not an organic emotion. This dissonant feeling of guilt is telling us we are drifting out of alignment. Guilt is the gap between our behavior and who we want to be. It is an incredible chance to see ourselves clearly and grow.

Guilt impedes our ability to receive everything life has to offer us. Guilt is the foundation for unworthiness and when we feel unworthy, we sabotage life. Guilt locks unworthiness in place. Guilt comes from ourselves, other people, religion, and family. We should place guilt in its proper perspective and realize that we are not the same people we were when that happened, that story is not true, we have learned much since then, and our consciousness has expanded. Recognize the distance between now & then. The Divine doesn’t judge us. On the level of the Divine and Soul, there is only love and acceptance.

When we hide our guilt away it becomes shame. It won’t express as shame. It will express as unworthiness. Shame is the undercurrent that keeps us living in the belief that we are unworthy of all the bounty life has to offer. We deflect compliments, the good in life, and the joy.

Our unworthiness expresses itself in thoughts like; I am stupid, fat, unlovable, and I don’t deserve happiness. We prosecute and judge ourselves as unworthy. Then our reality obliges. The vibrational universe reflects our belief and energy.

Because of experiences and conditioned responses, we invent false stories of unworthiness and they become our reality. We are the author and so they run our life. Self-judgment is a mental affliction. It can create a living hell.

The doorway out of self-judgment is acceptance. Acceptance is a bridge from the mind to the heart. Instead of internalizing circumstances and opinions that have nothing to do with the reality of who we are, allow acceptance to let the energy flow. It is Self-judgment that locks the dissonant energy in place.

Become aware of the voices in our mind, and be vigilant. Those voices can be subtle, in disguise. When the voice of self-judgment is present it’s a sure sign that there is vibrational dissonance present.

Your inner monologues have tremendous power over you; they affect your mood, your physical body, your reality, and how life shows up. Your belief and energy create your reality.

Stop / Look / Feel / Accept / and Change the story…What is the vibrational dissonance beneath the chatter? Is it sadness, fear, anger, shame?

This process is a blessing because you are allowing emotion and energy to flow and you are being your authentic Self, without defenses and screens that keep you from your own true nature. Where there is acceptance, judgment no longer has any power.

Without the energy keeping it alive, no thought can survive. When you Stop, Look, Feel, Accept, and Change the story, you dissipate dissonant energy and make room for expansion.

The vast majority of people live with a constant self-loathing voice in their head. I’m a loser, ugly, fat, and stupid. You believe this to be the truth of who you are. When you hold this fear and sadness, it creates this lie and you create an energetic wall of separation. When you are no longer held hostage to the personal or collective dissonance, to the unworthy story in your minds, you are able to experience your magnificence and your energy flows creatively.

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