It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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One Small Change Can Bring Massive Peace


The biggest struggle for most people is dealing with the incessant stream of unwanted thoughts in the mind. That goes for any time you try to relax or meditate or simply try to sleep. These thoughts drive you crazy and make you think they are crazy. You resist these thoughts, think they are wrong and try to remove them - or at least fight with them.

The one small change that will produce massive results is to accept your thoughts.

Here’s why:

Consciousness expands through impulses of Creative Intelligence flowing though you. Consciousness moves through you as impulses of energy that you experience as feelings and thoughts. These are very pure impulses – But as they move through you these vibrations begin to be affected by impressions lodged within you. These impressions carry a vibration that, most times, is filled with fear, as opposed to love. This affects the thought wave being created. It adds a fear vibration to the pure vibration and produces a constant flow of somewhat negative or unsettled thought waves.

Your tendency is to judge the thoughts, reject them and resist all aspects of them. You believe you are those thoughts and because they are disturbing you, you judge yourself negatively. But it is not who you are. You are the pure impulse of Creative Intelligence. You are the pure Consciousness.

A thought is simply an impulse of Consciousness. It is not good or bad. It is an expanding and focusing of Creative Intelligence. When you accept the thoughts and end your resistance to them, you will feel peace. It isn’t the negative thought that is destroying your peace, it is your resistance. End the resistance and restore peace.

A spiritual path is there to transform the fear into love and end the monkey mind. It’s there to resolve the fear and the impressions. But a spiritual path, a path of transformation, can take decades, even lifetimes to completely resolve fear. Removing your resistance to your thoughts can happen immediately – as soon as you end your old habit of judging and rejecting thoughts.

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