It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Our Sleepy World is Awakening

Polly-Wirum-Our-Sleepy-World-is-Awakening Our Sleepy World is Awakening
I hold the vision of our world waking up, and taking notice of all the possibilities that have been waiting for our attention. Many have recognized the stirring of the new energy and have been preparing for a monumental shift, or another Big Bang moment.

All the stars are aligned we are all allowing our awareness to expand.

Together we are finding ourselves exactly where we should be… the moment of Truth. As the Earth has been resting, part of humanity has been experiencing fear instead of awareness. Soon we will all feel an awakening as the Earth yawns and stretches. Our planet’s deep inhale will hold new elements. It brings in a burst of cosmic energy and the ability to expand. With the expansion we will see changes on the surface, and feel quickening deep in the core. It also brings a vast amount of creative energy that has been waiting. In the point between inhale and exhale there is a moment of stillness. This may hold the polar shift. On the deep exhale, all that is not needed in the new consciousness will be released. We will then experience great nurturing for all of humanity and beyond.  

We now have the opportunity to imagine, and create exactly what we want. We can experience completely new visions and thoughts. Life forms never conceived of are possibility. Everything now holds a promise! People will soon experience a pause, making it possible to deeply connect, as the Earth moves and releases our true potential. I have already begun to see a difference in my clients. They are seeking deeper answers. They want to have a better under-standing of energy that connects us. It is as though what was once a quiet understanding of possibilities has become a tidal wave of excitement for the potential of everlasting joy, abundance and wellness. And why not! Behold the possibilities most of us have only dreamed of.

In my own life I feel the expansive energy. It brings with it an element of acceptance. Acceptance not in a negative way; acceptance as in recognizing you are seeing your dreams spring to life right in front of you. It also brings with it a feeling of everything is absolutely where it should be. Everything is unfolding with Divine opportunity. What this means is there is no need to worry about anything. It’s already taken care of. It also brings a feeling of each moment has always been. For example, last night I was in my kitchen, looking out the window. A man wearing a bright colored jacket stepped into my line of vision. I caught myself thinking; of course he is here. I was expecting him. This is what will begin to happen to each and everyone of us. Life just unfolds perfectly. We know what to expect, because we created it!

Channeled Message
Trust in the beauty that has allowed you to find the very image of self in all you see.. You have conquered your fears of believing you are unworthy of resting in the palm of God’s hands . You trust you are found in God’s heart and soul. It is us, you and I, that bind together and create all that we see. For how long is the moment that allows the love to pour forth and bleed our hearts as one? For how deep is the image that is created to show our eternal light? For how long is the moment that we must endure a belief of separation? The shift has begun that allows love to guide us gently and softly into waves of recognition. We are home again, welcoming the pure joy that is ours in the moment of truth. Together we shine brighter than ever imagined. We carry the eternal flame and breath of life into our future. We share our gifts of wisdom with all that we know. We share our gifts of truth with all we feel. We share our gifts of love with all we see.
End of Channel

I love the idea that as we recognize the brilliance of God with in; we pause and experience the entire world differently. Much like the idea of the Earth awakening; nothing remains the same when touched by light.

Namaste Polly
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