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The Answer Was Easy

woman-going-on-a-jungle-zipline-adventure-picture-id464837730 The Answer Was Easy
I arrived home with suit cases to unpack and responsibilities waiting for me. Occasionally after traveling, there is a slight lag in my enthusiasm for house hold chores. Other times, I love opening windows, lighting candles and getting to work. It just depends on how I’m feeling.

That day, I had to do something to stir up the energy, not just in my mind, but my body. It felt like low energy was filling up the space around me. I needed a little something to make me feel awake, alive and inspired. I put the challenge out to my family, what activity were they up for? We all love being outside, but I needed something out of my comfort level. I knew that if I did something with a little fear factor, it would wake me up. 

The answer was easy... Zip lining. I have always declined zip lining on family vacations. I don’t like the height, or the lack of control. Perfect; two things for me to work on, letting go of control and letting go of my fear of height. 

Reservations made! I unpacked my suit case and began to look forward to a new adventure. As soon as the commitment was made, I felt better. My body and mind responded to the idea of an adventure. I felt lighter. A heaviness disappeared and things began to flow. 


We arrived early and walked around the town of Talkeetna, Alaska... Tourists from all over, explored the small town. Everyone enjoying the sun and life’s adventures, dialed up my energy even higher.  

Before we stepped off the platform, we did a practice run. I was a little nervous. Sometimes I forget instructions. This particular Zip line, had step by step directions, to prevent a crash landing. I’m great at jumping off… not so good at making a graceful landing.  This is true in my life and my zip lining skill set. 

The struggle was real when it came time to pull it all together.  Following directions while sailing through the canopy of trees was a challenge. If I came in too fast it wouldn’t be pretty.   

Much of life, I do the work, close my eyes, and send it off with a prayer. For example, getting an article published; I write and send it off with a blessing. Other times it takes both action, with eyes wide open, and prayer to get what you want.
The message was clear.  Figure out your destination.  Where do you specifically want to land? What do you need to do to ensure a safe, successful landing? Good advice for life and zip lining. 

Mission accomplished. My landings were not perfect, but good enough.  I made my family laugh, a lot! I felt so much better and even stronger, after being outside, using my body, and saying yes to a challenge. This was good for my heart, mind and soul!



Believe in the enormity of all possibilities and opportunities that await you. Reach for them. Glance in the direction that allows everything to unfold with the sequence of unimaginable ease...
We are nearing the point of not recognizing one another through the eyes of time...  When we escape the idea of time...  we are together again, experiencing all the joys of  love, light and awareness. It is as simple as lifting the veil that holds us tethered to grief, for love lost and confusion. This is a matter of heart, mind and soul...  I have, we have, been waiting for you to remember how to reach us... 
Rest your mind and let your heart lead you to us... there is no need to be anything other than your beautiful self... We have witnessed miracles unfold all around you.  We have witnessed miracles with in you...  Let us show you the way to break free of all restrictions, boundaries and disciplines. 
Know every - thing you no longer need is removed... You work in harmony with the light in and around you...  What doesn’t serve you, has evolved... 
You have been released to experience the height of your human potential.. Experience the love that guides you...
 You are shifting into a magnet for the unimaginable.
Relax and feel the pull of light settling and darkness being released... You have made it to the other side... in this human form you will experience physical awareness, mental acuity and over all wellness.
Are you ready for the task at hand?  Trade in your fears for resiliency, awareness and joy... 
Share the words that bring awareness and light into the heart of all.  It is this light that is woven into the minds of all who share in the knowledge of Devine Love. We are spiritual beings coming together as one. The call to create is growing louder, the call to help is becoming stronger...  The direction is more clear than ever...  We have a place for you in our plan of light. 
End of Channel

I wrote this blog, because sometimes we need to physically move.  It is possible to feel stagnate energy being released. This can be done a million different ways, laughing, physical movement, mental challenges, what- ever calls you to inspired energy. 

As I wrote this, it was a good reminder that often action is needed to supplement our prayers.  It sets our intention and tells the Universe we are serious!

Sending lots of love to everyone!  May we all enjoy our amazing adventure! 

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