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What Is Christ Consciousness?

christconsciousness What Is Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is both too complex and too simple to define. So the only choice I see is to write around it, stimulate thought rather than limiting it.

For my purposes here, let’s leave out the historical Jesus. Jesus is important because he embodied Love, true Godly love, in his life and teachings. He is revered as God and Man as One.

And let’s leave out the various religious denominations, all of them, to consider Jesus as Christ.

Christ means Anointed, or the Anointed One. (It’s from Greek, Χριστός, Christos.) A stopping place for many Christians is that there are more paths to Heaven than one. (For more on this, see Joseph Campbell’s cornerstone book, The Hero of a Thousand Faces.)

“When he said son of God, he meant the infinite Christ consciousness with which he'd obtained oneness.” ---Goswami Kriyananda

An Analyzing Description

Christ Consciousness is a resident of the same neighborhood as Samadhi, Oneness, Enlightenment, Ascension, Transcendence…

For many, if not most, Spiritual seekers, this Consciousness is the Goal.

They do not achieve this state and then kill themselves, it is not the end of life. They continue to join us as humans, many sharing their insights and experiences with others seeking the same, like bodhisattvas. If this Consciousness is your target, you know that for some people it comes on them in an instant, the Road to Damascus or lightning bolt scenario. For others, retiring to a Zen monastery and chanting “Om” endlessly is their access to this state.

It is a State of Mind, it is a State of Being. It is living a Divine Purpose.

“I was like you are. I thought Jesus came and died on the cross. Jesus' being here was about his death and dying on the cross but it really was about him coming to show us how to do it. To show us the Christ-consciousness that he had and that consciousness abides in all of us. That's what I got. That's what I got.” ---Oprah Winfrey

What Else We Know

Whether or not you are a Christian, the mythology of that faith is widely known, so let me use Jesus’ example as wisdom passed down for centuries.

Jesus, whether Myth or Faith, is God as Man. There was a product popular with enthusiastic younger Christians years ago, a wristband with the acronym “WWJD”. That is to say, “What Would Jesus Do?”

Did you know that Jesus was all Love, judging only to forgive? He doesn’t send anybody to Hell. (“Lest you go to Gehenna” is a reference to a town near Jerusalem where worship involved sacrificing babies.)

In this sense, if you see God’s great manifestation as Love, then realizing that with every fibre of your being, your “Observer” merging with God’s Omniscience, is the key to a richer, fuller life.

“Total relaxation is the ultimate. That's the moment when one becomes a buddha. That is the moment of realization, enlightenment, christ-consciousness. You cannot be totally relaxed right now. At the innermost core a tension will persist.” ---Rajneesh

I believe that your Realized Self, your Oneness, is within you at this moment. Let’s call that elevated state gold. Jesus, I would say, was pure gold. In my experience, I am gold – and dross. The dross is what we commonly call “baggage”. The more dross I shed the more Christ-full I can become. My faith helps me find more gold to fill it in. I have become who I want to be rather than who I happen to be.

"The Love you take/Is equal to the Love you make" ---The Beatles

Thought-leader Matt Kahn says, “Whatever Arises, Love That.” (Also the title of his book)

“Let us meditate until we perceive the Infinite Christ reigning in our own hearts. Let us learn to love those who love us not; and to forgive those who do ill against us. Let us break all our mental boundaries of color, creed, and nationality, and receive all - even our inanimate and animal brothers - in the endless, all embracing arms of our Christ Consciousness.” ---Paramahansa Yogananda

Christ Consciousness is Love. Jesus had miraculous powers, yet he never used them to his own advantage. He treated everyone with love – compassion - and we see as Christ-like some few like Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama, who echo that model in their own way.

We live in a blessed world. Wars still rage, the poor are always with us. Yet we have instant access to infinitely more knowledge and teaching than the sum total of everything that was ever, in all history, known before.

That includes many paths for the Seeker. Christ Consciousness, sometimes by a different name, is truly all around us and, as we seek to find, in us now.

I believe the Biblical injunction is important:

Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. ---Jas.2:17

Faith and Works

What are works? Works are your actions. What actions fulfill this concept? Take your pick: talking to others in a loving, supportive way; serving in a soup kitchen; taking on a task that benefits others; meditating; visiting the sick; going to a monastery or cloister; contributing time and energy to a charity; “They also serve who only stand and wait” (John Milton)…Faith is the inspiration and guiding light to a higher vibrational state, Works is living that Faith.

Seek ways to manifest your Faith, every day even if in small ways. Then you add a little more gold, and a little more until it is a full partner in your life. It is there you will find your bliss.

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