Why the Love & Light Revolution may actually be hindering spiritual growth and personal development for many.

Love and Light Revolution
As people we are hungry for more peace and love in our lives. Over the past several years spirituality or spiritual growth for the purpose of personal development has become very popular. People are adapting to Eastern and New Age spiritual practices. There are many New Thought Leaders who have surfaced with their own messages and methods of how to create internal happiness and fulfillment. 

This eclectic melting pot of spirituality is what I refer to as the Light & Love Revolution. It is widely believed that focusing on the light and love of God will give a person loving experiences and make them feel good inside. This is only partly true. 

Human nature is more inclined to seek pleasure (whether heart centered or ego based), and run from pain. We want to feel good and we don’t want to feel bad. It is not possible to hide from the hurt and pain we have inside by dong this. After that beautiful guided visualization meditation of the scenic Mt. Shasta in the sky, the internal pain will be there, and it will be striving even harder to get your attention. It must be faced.

What is happening with the Love & Light Revolution is that people are using it to hide from the pain that is necessary to teach them and release them from the perpetual suffering that it is causing. People use terms like Namaste and “I’m sending you love.”, instead of facing the fact that a person’s words or actions is triggering internal pain. The human ego is very clever and can use anything to create more self righteousness and superiority. When we allow this to happen, we are turning our practice of spiritual growth into self deception and being even more angry and hurt.

In many of the Eastern teachings, triggers are used as a pathway to greater self awareness and freedom. A person takes responsibility for how they feel rather than blaming the other person and gong into reaction. A true path of Love is hurtful at times, unsettling and difficult. Everything and everybody comes into our experience to teach us what love is or what love isn’t. If we see that for what it is and find appreciation, it gets easier to transform our experience with it back to Love & Light. Your new perspective is a greater level of freedom. That’s how it works.

Being Spiritual does not mean that a person is Conscious. Many people assume that it does. If there is any outward blame or violence involved in a persons words or actions, they are then outside of an authentic practice. With that said, it is against human nature to show up perfectly all of the time or even most of the time. What is important is that they are doing their best to take responsibility for how they feel and be as loving as possible, both to themselves and others.

You don’t need to wear white or Mala beads and you don’t have to go to Yoga class- (though it does help) to live a lifestyle of Love & Light.

Regardless of a person’s spiritual path, we all want more love and light. We all crave oneness with the Divine. Every moment we commit to being more conscious and truly loving, we are making the world a better place. It is important not to lose sight of the truth of what it truly means to commit to a spiritual path. Otherwise the whole thing is completely pointless.
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