Charles Fillmore and Reincarnation

Many Unity students on a spiritual pathway believe in reincarnation.They have too many moments in their lives, either within their careers or within their relationships, which seem very familiar.

Through centuries stories have been told of how 
people’s souls long to reconnect.Though they come from many sides of the Universe and other lifetimes, their souls manage to find each other again.
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Messages From Spirit: how I Discovered Mediumship!

Connecting with loved ones who have passed to the other side can be an incredibly healing, gratifying, and transformative experience. Lots of people seek out mediums to help them connect with the deceased. But for a long time, I had a hard time accepting myself to be one of those mediums… 

For a large part of the beginning of my career as an intuitive, I denied the idea of mediumship for myself. I thought I was just a very accurate intuitive who could pick up information about people who have crossed but not that I was actually getting the information from the dead themselves. Plus I couldn’t prove it. I can distinctly remember saying, “I don’t talk to dead people.” on more than one occasion. Early on, the connections I made through mediumship came unbidden and usually to my (and my clients’) surprise. I thought it was interesting but just one of those weird buckets of information that would come to me at random – part of my capacity to perceive details of someone instead of receiving directly from the one crossed over. It did make me wonder though, but I fluffed it off. 

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Encounters with Your Loved Ones Who Passed

When I was at the post office the other day, I walked alongside an elderly woman who was bent over holding a cane and walking very, very slowly toward the car that dropped her off.

I gave her a big smile and asked: “You got this?”

She smiled back and said, “Yep!”

When she got to the car door, I opened it and helped her in. We looked at each other for a moment, exchanged another smile, and then she said something that took me by surprise. It was an exact expression that my Mom used to say to me!

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If Cardinals Appear, Your Loved Ones in Heaven Are Near!

We’re all looking for signs from our loved ones who passed, aren’t we? We just need a little reassurance, hope or maybe even some personal relief that they’re in a better place and doing well. As a medium, I can assure everyone that our loved ones on the Other-Side really are okay and they’re already looking out for us. But sometimes we need a specific message for validation.

Please remember this: Your loved ones on the Other-Side send you messages all the time—all you have to do is to be open to receive them. They use all kinds of signs or symbols that can come through in any shape or form.

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Weekday Personal Support

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Designed To Move You From Survival and Fear to Safety and Peace. Available Monday - Friday. Meditation begins at 9 AM.  Access early to hear Panache's monologue -  around 8:30 AM. 

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