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Sports Fans Can Teach You A Thing Or Two About Manifesting Your Dream

baseballdream Sports Fans Can Teach You A Thing Or Two About Manifesting Your Dream

I’m not a baseball fan, but for a couple years I had the honor of living next door to an MVP Cubs player in Chicago. So, one afternoon I joined his family to attend my first ever Cubs game.  Mind you, I’ve lived in Chicago, all combined for over twenty years, which tells you how much I am not a baseball guy.   

I went to the game for two reasons.  First, of course to see my neighbor play, but secondly and secretly firstly, I wanted to see the tens of thousands of people who are passionately, unapologetically Cubs fans in action.  I wanted to see what this was all about for them, and why they stay devoted whether the Cubs make it to the playoffs or land in last place.

Let me tell you ... the fans did not disappoint. There were almost 40,000 people dressed in Cubs gear, carrying banners, balloons, and homemade signs. Many painted their faces and some their chests with their favorite players name and/or number. OMG - it was amazing.  Honestly, I didn’t feel what they were feeling but what they were feeling was undeniable. It was out-and-out passion!

Because I help people manifest their dreams and awaken to their infinite power for a living, I got super interested in observing these fans through the porthole of my work and wow did I see some amazing benefits from their devotion. 

The benefits of being a full-blown Fan

FOCUS - all challenges, concerns, and stress fell away when the fans were with their team. They were single-eye focused.  Nothing else existed outside of the game – nothing else mattered. There was no past or future. The past had an impossible chance of sneaking in and haunting them and the future be damned – their overwhelming list of things to do could wait. None of it was going to get done now, that’s for sure, so why bother thinking about it?  For the time they were at the game, and probably the entire day they were free, and freedom feels good!

Focus unifies the often-conflicting thoughts and feelings of your mind, body, and emotions. Focus causes you to get way more shit done in half the time and it leaves you feeling refreshed and accomplished.

The present moment is all there really is. And when you focus on what is right in front of you instead of getting overwhelmed by a mental list of all that has to be accomplished or what didn’t get done, you too can experience feeling free.

When you are feeling anxious you must stop, take a deep breath, look around, get focused and Be. Here. Now. Do a thousand times a day if you have to.  Become the observer of your mind and notice how it can whip you all over the place and how in little time fear gets triggered, doubt begins, and suddenly you’re reaching for the chocolate, chips, or Facebook. This is called numbing out and it’s what your body naturally wants to do when it feels worried.  Drink a big glass of water and affirm, “I am here right now, in this room, in this place, and all I need do is what’s in front of me.”

Watching a very large group of fans being focused and in the present moment is amazing.  It’s powerful. You, focused and in the present moment with your dream or desire, is exactly where you need to be – and with practice you can be.


ENTHUSIASM x 1000 – As I watched tens of thousands of people cheering, chanting, applauding, singing and stomping their feet I thought, “enthusiasm has got to be one of the most powerful, creative energies there is!”  The crowd was electrified with excitement. A single person walking down the street skipping and singing “Take me out to the ballgame” would be considered weird at best. But this group had no concern about looking like a fool. Together, inside their shared experience they could be silly, childlike, and wildly enthused. People were smiling, high-fiving strangers, and sharing an uplifting, happy energy that I had no doubt was also making the heart healthier and the mind clearer.

Your dream deserves that same kind of unbridled, dance-down-the-street-like-a-fool enthusiasm. In fact, it requires it. I know, it can feel hard to generate it from within yourself, for yourself and your dream.  I bet you wish you had almost 40,0000 fans cheering you on and believing in you, but I assure you one thing, the only person who has to be a true fan of your dream is you. And here’s something really, really amazing about enthusiasm … it can be faked.  Whaaaaat? I’m not kidding – you can trick your body into laughing, you can raise your vibration by smiling for no reason, and you can get yourself excited and energized for no reason at all. Enthusiasm doesn’t require something to happen first – it requires you to just do it.  Go ahead, act a fool, jump up and down, yell “yes!” ten times while throwing your arms up in the air. I promise the energy will go up, you’ll feel alive and your dream will absorb some of that positive, enthusiastic energy, which will help bring it to form.


WINNING OR LOSING DOESN’T MAKE THEM QUIT – Sure, Fans very much want their team to win, and they feel passionately disappointed if they don’t. But losing the game doesn’t mean their team is bad and it definitely doesn’t mean they’re giving up on them.  Fans have perspective. It’s just one game. The season isn’t over yet, and even if it is … there’s always next year.  True fans are blessed with unwavering certainty that the day will come – and when it does, they will be there to be a part of the glory.

Are you that devoted to your dream?  Are you willing to stay the course and keep on keeping on, especially when you appear to not be winning?  Are you a real fan of your dream or idea? Can you keep your eye on the prize and let go of how long it takes to get there?  If you can … then your dream has a better than fighting chance, and you will be forever transformed by being the one that birthed it into form.

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