It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Start Seeing What You “Give” to Others


Every moment is the right moment to start seeing ourselves as we are... regardless of whoever may be our “partner” of the moment.

Maybe it’s the person in that long line with us, complaining about how slowly things are moving. There’s no better time to practice seeing yourself than when some part of you can’t wait to “pounce” on the impatience of someone else. How about being stuck behind a driver on the freeway who won’t speed up or get out of the way?

Until we can see what we’re actually “giving” another in a conflicted moment with them, we’ll never understand why they often feel as if they’re being punished by our presence.

What do we “give” to others when we are impatient with them? What they’re experiencing in that moment is a negative energy radiating out of us that, as it pours over them, it makes them want to push back against it! And nothing can change between us as long as we’re both clinging to a position that doesn’t even exist without what it unconsciously opposes in another.

Does my disappointment with you exist without whatever it is that I expect from you? Of course not! It should be clear: Whatever we find offensive about another only punishes us – in the unique manner that it does – because it strikes something unique within us that’s waiting to be offended! 

This explains why, if we want open and healthy relationships, we must do the interior work. Making the conscious choice to see ourselves as we are in the midst of any struggle with others changes us and, in turn, everything about that moment.

Being able to observe even the smallest of your own negative reactions – and to recognize on the spot that it – that opposing force – is not you, means that a whole new level of awareness is now awake in you. The light of this higher self-awareness now united with your willingness to see yourself -- as you are -- has done the unthinkable: it has set you free... from yourself. For the first time, you’re able to step outside the negative influence of unconscious forces, making it possible to love as you’ve always wanted to: unconditionally.

The more places we’ll employ the interior practice of seeing ourselves, the sooner we will find ourselves living from a higher level of Self that cannot be made to turn against anyone, let alone those we love.


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