It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Stop the Suffering Cycles

Stop the Suffering Cycles Stop the Suffering Cycles

Wow the last few months have been a ride, huh? We’ve had so many things occur and so many random things come up in the last few months.Through all of it,  I think it’s super important for all of us to pay attention to the signs we’re receiving in our lives. 

What are the signs saying?

Whether you follow astrological charts or not, (though I don’t personally follow them closely,  I’ve known enough to know) there are signs all around us pushing us towards destinations, and one of the things we need to realize is this: whenever we see a sign, we need to pay attention to it. It’s there for a reason.

Now more than ever we have this polarity going on between being spiritually guided or being drawn to the light, or even doing the right thing and what i call heart based consciousness… and then what our mind or “ego” is trying to convince us to do. It’s a constant struggle between these two. Some would say it’s the dark and the light (going from our mind and our ego is the dark, and our hearts are the light), and if you aren’t choosing everything from your heart right now… then you run the risk of recreating your suffering cycles. 

This is so important for you to grasp.

Sometimes a break brings clarity... 

There is so much chaos and stress happening around us right now. It can become absolutely overwhelming.I took a break recently and went back to Sedona. I knew it was necessary for me, and something that became super, super clear to me while I was there was how  we all have to get back to our own personal new beginning. 

Some States in the United States are going back to work and that can be complicated, but no matter what you want to feel about it… you’re a different person now then you were before all of this COVID stuff started happening. 

You’re a different mom, a different friend, a different coworker. Everything has shifted inside of all of us and we have to focus on what’s truly, deeply important to us as humans: our purpose, or our “new beginning.”

The New Beginning

So in this new beginning process, a new awakening is necessary and envisioning that new awakening is key to the entire process. It’s like I talk about in my book, Awaken Your Wealth. The first  step in the process, which is most important, is the “P” which is Picturing. It involves picturing the life you want to create. Without it, there would be no progress at all.

If you look at the astrological charts, which I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, you would see that they show that everything and anything you put in the world right here and right now is what you’re going to call in for the rest of your life. 

What you put into the world, what you picture, is what will become.

The things you do now, the values you set as priorities and the task you determine as important, are what will matter in the long run. That means you have an opportunity to let go of everything that’s holding you back and manifest the things you want.

Awakening Your Dream Life

I always talk about cleaning up your past while living in the present moment and planning for the future at the same time. We have a very unique opportunity right now that involves dropping everything from the past, including how you operated and how you know you no longer want to operate. You get to determine your future, as long as you focus on where you want to go and what you want to create with all the life you have ahead of you.

You get to see the signs in your life and respond to them appropriately.

Chase your dream. Chase your vision. But don’t feel as though you have to do it alone. Reach out for help along the way, take advantage of my Awaken Your Wealth, Awaken your Health, and Awaken Your Relationships opportunities. 

Nothing and Everything
Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection - INTERIOR PSALM

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