It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Telling A New Story – Oracle Of The 7 Energies

watching-sunrise-throught-a-lens-ball-riviera-romagnola-picture-id980949016 Telling A New Story – Oracle Of The 7 Energies

Throughout recorded history — and long before — humankind has recognized the sacred energy that courses through each and every living thing. Many cultures and philosophies recognize the seven sacred energies of life, each with a separate center and a separate wisdom of their own. They represent seven themes that we experience through the stories about life we tell ourselves, whether we’re aware of it or not. 

When you do become aware of these energies and these stories, you can activate and balance them, you widen your potential by moving into wholeness. 

Doing this kind of energy work is a way to look at the totality of your life’s stories — the way you think, how you make choices, and what you encounter within yourself — as well as the conditions of your world as you journey forward. It’s so, so important that I created my brand-new deck, Oracle of the 7 Energies, around this concept!

While the seven energy centers work together synergistically, it’s also critical to understand and look at them individually as well. That’s why I want to take you through each of the energies so you can begin to understand their importance, the related story, and where you may need to put some attention (and intention!). 

Energy 1: 
The first energy center is represented by the color red, and is a story about our family, our bodies, our security, our money. It is the foundation, Earth. When our first energy center is out of whack, we feel threatened, uncertain, anxious and worried (about 99.9 percent of the people on the planet are dealing with issues with this energy right now!). Our stories can be about lack, about fear, about external (or internal) threats. 

It’s so, so critical to get alignment here and feel grounded because if we are unstable at our base, nothing built upon that base is stable either. 

Energy 2: Your second energy center is orange and represented by Water. It’s about connection, intimacy, desire, pleasure, and feelings, and it’s also connected to setting boundaries. But what happens when we set boundaries is that we can end up feeling guilty or wrong for having wants and desires of your own. 

When you feel like you are wrong for having your own thoughts, desires, and feelings, you can end up telling yourself the story that you have no right to say “No.” And when you can’t say “No,” you live for everyone else. What you need instead is self-respect (which is NOT being “selfish!”)

Energy 3: Energy 3 is all about our personal power, our will, our assertiveness and vitality. It brings extreme states of joy, anger, and transformation. It is related to the Fire element. When Energy 3 is out of balance, we have a story that we can’t be ourselves. We feel that we must conform, that who we are isn’t okay.

But when Energy 1 makes us feel safe and we feel the healthy boundaries from Energy 2, it gets so much easier to embrace our personal identity and self-worth. Then we can tell ourselves a new story, that who we are is a spark of divinity incarnate. 

Energy 4: Your fourth energy center is green and represents Love. Its themes are compassion, love, community, forgiveness, and wholeness. It is the center of healing and love, especially self-love. The story here might be that you are somehow undeserving of love. The new story is that you are worthy of forgiveness. In fact, you must forgive and love yourself before you can forgive and love anyone else!

Energy 5: The fifth energy is about communication, creativity, listening, sharing, and being heard. It’s sky blue in color, and represents Sound. When you’re out of balance in Energy 5, your story may be that you must be silent, that you don’t have a right to express yourself. The truth, though, is that you are a unique expression of the Divine, and without your voice, your message, the Universe is missing a critical piece! You have a right to speak — and a right to hear the truth. 

Energy 6: This energy center is purple and represents Light. It’s your center of intuition, vision, imagination, knowing, and perceiving. When this energy center is out of calibration, your beautiful, powerful imagination can go in the direction of ensuring your survival by imagining all the things that could possibly go wrong. It makes up stories full of threats, and it puts you on high alert — all in service of protecting yourself from a non-existent enemy! 

When you feel threatened, your mind doesn’t know it’s made up, so you contract, you can’t see possibilities, you are limited. That’s why you have to come into alignment so you can see potential outside the perceived limitations and co-create a new world. 

Energy 7: This golden-white energy center represents higher Thought, and is the seat of spirituality, liberation, God consciousness, understanding, and wisdom. It is where we make our unique and purposeful connection to Spirit, to our higher power, God, whatever name you use. 

When you’re unbalanced here, you are blind to your connection to the Divine. You don’t see how powerful, how magical, you truly are. Instead, you can tell stories about how you feel like a victim rather than a co-creator. But by bringing all seven energies into alignment, you own your divinity and step into your unique role and unique contribution. 

Working with the Energies: With any energy center, the process is to ask yourself what stories are arising when you think about that topic. For instance, I have had to deal with a lot of insecurity — with my personal safety, with my finances, with my family — in my early life. My mom was a Holocaust survivor, and I experienced her fear and worry in the womb! Talk about inheriting an old story! 

That stuff gets rooted deep in your central nervous system. Your body doesn’t forget. So when something in the present happens, before you even know what’s going down, you’re triggered, you’ve activated those old stories, and you’re living them again. 

So what you need to do is look at each energy center and examine the stories that are coming up. When did you first feel anxiety? What are you telling yourself about boundaries? Just get curious about the stories you’re telling.  

Here’s the great thing: Just becoming aware of some of the stories you’re telling is enough to begin to shift your energy! Awareness brings new energy, which brings change. Voila

No matter what, remember this amazing message from the brilliant Viktor Frankl: We are all emissaries of the Divine. No matter what suffering we’ve been asked to endure, we have limitless possibilities. 

You are a spark of the Divine, and the world needs you. Don’t ever forget that. 

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Drawing upon the power of seven, this oracle reveals how we as individuals experience our lives, giving us a framework from which to make inspired choices as we co-create our reality. With guidance from intuitive master and oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid, you can now awaken to the power of Source within you, becoming a channel for Divine abundance and miracles.

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