It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The 4 P's on how to become a conscious creator: Persuasion, Practice, Positivity and Play

young-man-floating-on-the-canoe-in-the-sea-at-starry-night-with-moon-picture-id832548916 The 4 P's on how to become a conscious creator: Persuasion, Practice, Positivity and Play

Upon opening my eyes I stare out in amazement. I find myself sitting in a sturdy canoe floating adrift in a sea of infinite possibility, reading between the stars for a secret perspective that will allow me to channel one of the most powerful forces in the universe. A paddle rests across my lap, out before me, a sea as still as glass patiently awaits my intention, my direction. Which current do I choose? I know I must choose wisely, for the action of my paddle will inspire a gentle yet irrevocable ripple, a wave that will propel me forward through space and time and will determine my destination.   

As we each navigate a life full of boundless possibility it would be helpful to imagine that our physical surroundings are in fact a fluid sea of energy in which everything resonates to a particular, measurable frequency. All our actions, emotions, thoughts, and desires manifest in our minds at certain wavelengths that exert a magnetic influence on occurrences with matching frequencies. Whatever we give our attention to, positive or negative, causes us to emit an electromagnetic signal that resonates with the world around us and will attract a matching signal back.

This force is commonly known as the Law of Attraction and is always in effect, even when we’re not aware of it. Without our focused attention, we simply create by default. It is only when we turn our attention to our thoughts and energetic signalling and deliberately offer them with the intention to accomplish our heartfelt desires, that we can master the art of attraction and become conscious creators. That is what we all need to strive for, and here are some tips that may help you to achieve that.


A first prerequisite to attracting and creating the desired circumstances in life is the power of persuasion: you need to know and understand that the Law of Attraction is very real. Everything you think, feel, do, or say is picked up by a cosmic force at all times, but you cannot fully engage in mutual conversation with this energetic source if you lack conviction. It cannot be a mere belief, for belief is uncertain and can easily turn into disbelief. Knowing, on the other hand, is permanent. Once you know something, you can never go back to unknowing it: you can only move forward towards a deeper understanding.

In that respect it is important to learn about the considerable scientific findings that proof the existence of an intelligent cosmic force. Science is providing us with undeniable evidence that there is indeed a world beyond the physical, where an underlying consciousness resides. However bizarre and counterintuitive the idea that we are in constant interaction with a conscious energy field of pure potentiality through which we have the opportunity to design our lives through our energetic signaling, the evidence supporting this narrative is absolutely overwhelming. For an overview of this scientific proof, I kindly refer you to my book ‘Paths to Pachamama – A Traveler’s Guide to Spirituality’.


Once you understand that you are in constant communication with an intelligent universal consciousness, you must develop this uplink through practice. The process of attraction doesn’t deliver immediate results, but works through systematic signalling over a prolonged period of time. When you begin focusing on a certain desire, your signal won’t be strong at first, but if you continue to align your feelings with it, the vibration will get stronger. The smallest desires will be the first to materialize, so start small, take little steps, and you will see how directed mental focus will begin to manifest events in your life.

The key to success is to achieve vibrational harmony with the object of your desire. You need to imagine that whatever it is you wish for, is already in your life. In the same way a radio must be tuned in to match the frequency of the station you wish to hear, the vibrational frequency of your being must match that of your desire. In order to refine and enhance your frequency, it helps to be precise, to take a step back and visualize exactly what it is you truly desire. By making a list of your personal wishes in detail and by broadcasting them as if they are already fulfilled, through the Law of Attraction you will invite them into your life.


A third prerequisite to mastering the art of attraction, is positivity. Love and gratitude are the most powerful frequencies in the universe. When your vibrational signature corresponds with those frequencies, you gain the power to manifest your desires, summon well-being, attract abundance and access divine guidance in the form of the right people and the best possible circumstances. So  whenever you sense any sinking or negative feelings bubble up from the inside, find the time to take a deep breath and let yourself fill up with a feeling of gratitude. Make it the first thing you do when you open your eyes, and the last thing you do before you close them. By adopting a baseline state of profound gratitude and deliberately countering any dark thoughts through conscious breathing, the universe will respond in kind and deem you worthy of more to be thankful for.

You will require continuous redirection, practice, and refinement as you progress down this path. There will be many times when your energetic signalling will inevitably be diluted in the face of your daily struggles and setbacks. Don’t beat yourself up over it, we all have our good days and our bad days. But whatever life throws at you, always try to keep a close watch on your vibrational state of being and never relinquish your understanding of this basic universal law!

Play with it

By learning to look at life from an energetic perspective, you will inevitably begin to see that our world is more than just what the eye can see. You will understand that beyond the surface of our physical world, there lies a spiritual force that communicates with each of us through vibrational frequencies. By considering the energetic makeup of our world and looking at life through this lens, you will learn to navigate a sea of infinite opportunities. So have fun with it, play with it, and before you know it, you’ll have become a conscious creator.

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