It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Art Of Changing Perspective

changeperspective The Art Of Changing Perspective

The overarching theme coming this week, and the energy in the weekly reading, revolves around the art of changing perspective while being compassionate with ourselves and allowing for the space we need to look at our limiting beliefs. In a time of transformation – global and personal it’s so important not to fall prey to the “omg there is so much more healing to do!” voice, and take account of how far you have actually come. If you’ve been even slightly awake and on track with your quest for a more practical spiritual life, you will have learned a lot along the way. Now is not the time to get stuck in the mire of more work to do. It’s not about effort anyway. 

It’s about perception and perspective. 

I am always incredibly grateful that my mission is being a small part of the Big Shift and offering people a way to gain inspired insight so that we can all learn to see ourselves in a new light. 

It’s all about shifting the way perceive ourselves and the events in our lives, how willing we are to expand our horizons, see from a higher vantage point, and recognize how the glass is always brimming full regardless if we see it as half empty or half full. Actually, there is no way for there to be an empty glass. Even if it has no water it’s full of oxygen! Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Where you place your attention is everything. 

Well, what if we’re stuck in fear or another limiting belief? Yes, it’s hard to see things as beneficial when we’re afraid or operating from shame. Those states of being are so intensely personal we begin to believe we are fear, or shame, etc. But that is not what we are made of. In order to change our viewpoint, we need to be willing to step back into a less personal part of ourselves, the Self that sees the small self, the essential awareness that is timeless and observant. We all have that in us – soul and ego, and when they work in healthy tandem anything becomes possible. 

In times of transition, it’s especially important for all of us to remember this. It’s only the small self that suffers. It’s the ego that needs certainty and familiarity and promises and reassurance where the destination is specified and comfortable, not the soul. Our Self knows that when it’s allowed to be the eyes we see through everything changes. How we perceive is the first step to getting a clear perspective.

Things are always changing. If you look back over this summer, or for my tribe Down Under, winter, how have you changed? I’m not the same person at all. Events in my life have pushed me to reevaluate my trajectory and authenticity. I knew I had to surrender to the death of the old stories I tell about my life.  Surrender to the fact that the events occurring right now are no accident. That something magical is happening even though sometimes the experience is a complete pain in the you-know-where. Because of these experiences, I am more myself than ever before, with greater clarity, hope and compassion, and courage—that came out of the core of my vulnerability. Life really does happen for us not to us, even when it seems otherwise. 

Let’s look at 3 steps that will help you make Shift in your perspective for this week.

  1. Practice this saying, “I DON’T KNOW!” Let go thinking that you know what is going to happen next. The future is NOT a projection of the past. Unless you keep telling the same story and insist on reinforcing the patterns of the past, you have an amazing opportunity right now to do things differently. You’ve heard me say this so often-” If you do what you did you will get what you got”. Similarly, if you think the same thoughts, feel the same fear over and over VOILA – you will be responsible for your part in the repetitive story. Knowing the boogeyman is for SURE in the basement is not necessarily true. Maybe there is a bunch of stinky garbage and junk down there plus one or two lost chipmunks making noise. Perhaps removing it might be a better solution.
  2. Since I don’t know, what can I discover? This is essential step #2! If you remain curious, after agreeing you know nothing about the future only about how you live today in these 24 hours, how you think and feel, and how willing you are to be 100% authentic, what you honestly stand for and why then you can start being curious. What will today reveal? What can I learn about myself and others? Where is common ground if any? Choosing to enter each day with a sense of curiosity rather than a staunch knowing (either extreme- uber freaked out or uber happy) will really help because you will make discerning choices, asking for accountability from yourself and others, etc. This makes for a really healthy sense of self. Being curious is an empowered stance overall. It feels playful and detached but it is Wonder Woman strong!
  3. Be a Spiritual activist! Start your day grateful that you don’t know, that you are curious that so much of the world, your world, everything you experience is a BIG GIANT GIFT. Act as if you believe that gratitude and kindness, compassion, collaboration, and connection is the way to live. Refuse to give in to fear and refuse to condone what you see is wrong in the world. One act of kindness is an act of spiritual activism. Ask “how can I help”, as we’ve heard many spiritual teachers say… love whatever arises.. and surrender to the grace and forgiveness of that. Everything even rage is a call to Love. Answer it.

Love love love you all!!!


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