It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Divine Feminine Rising: What Is Really Rising

divinefeminine The Divine Feminine
I do think it is aspicious that the Divine Feminine is being honored in some ways by men and the collective. SHE however is not “rising” for she has been here above all the division creating life infinitely from the beginning …our conscious awareness of it is rising .

Women everywhere no matter what the circumstance have risen in the midst of the refusal of acknowledgement of her power and presence for Eons, silently or passionately voicing for the many. The Divine Feminine within each one of us on this planet has given rise to compassion, intuition, inclusivity, cooperation, vision, expanded senses, deep heart intelligence and most importantly unconditional love that reaches beyond reason, time and space. The so called “super powers” birth from the Divine Feminine, have historically been feared and thus pushed aside as soft power. What is perhaps really rising is the genius and truth of connection, infinite and inherent, encoded in the DNA of all life known and unknown. This is part of the unfolding mystery of the Divine Feminine. She is ever present yet cannot be summoned “on demand.”

Great cultures such as the Maya, Tibetan and secret mystery schools of Egypt all honored the sacred feminine. The Divine Mother appears in forms such as Isis, Quan Yin, White and Green Tara, Pachamama, Durga, Mother Mary and the Magdelene lineage, Spider Woman and Sekhmet plus countless others . Yes there is a resurgence, remembrance of this power, passion and strength within every living particle in our world and probably in the infinite Continuum as everything is intrinsically connected. We are witnessing the ignition in the faces on the streets marching, the new members of Congress and positions across the globe, homes and communities, and initiatives of love calling home the power of peace and inclusivity.

Women ignite and possess an innate ability to nourish, cherish and expand the very foundations of the Universe and forward the Divine dynamics of Creation, ceaselessly and with the deepest grace internal , external for it is the same Field of connection. Men as well as women are now opening to that light within them planetarily. It is in the partnering of unbounded acknowledgement, honoring and embodiment that forwards our very life blood and survival, indeed into a stream of thriving.

Let us open and embrace Her presence within us and among us to walk together in connection heart first forwarding our great evolutionary step into the effulgence of the Divine Feminine within all of Creation .

In celebration of International Women’s Day and the courage of all to ignite and unify every day.

My deepest love to you, kennedy braden





Might I rise


as the goddess Moon,



even in her waning.

The shadow

keeps her essence


SHE rises

ever Rises

in faith


into eternity.

May I rise

like the Mother Moon

even in my darkness.


(from upcoming Transmissions of Love by kennedy braden)

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