The Four Cornerstones of Conscious Living

The Four Cornerstones of Conscious Living - Guy Finley

If I were to leave a single message to the world, it would be quite simple: Your life, with all its unique experiences on this earth, is part of a much greater story. Yes, we can create, manifest pretty much what we will, but we are first and foremost creations ourselves, a vital convergence of celestial and earthly forces that are ceaselessly being expressed in what I call the “Presence moment.”


So... until we understand our special place in the cosmic scheme of things, we can never really know the true nature of our highest possibilities, let alone be free of all the fears, worries, and doubts that plague both us and our beautiful planet. That’s why I have written the following four cornerstones for conscious living. Welcoming their simple truths will not only help inspire you to reach for and realize your own highest possibilities…but will go a long way towards healing our world at the same time.


  1. Learn to Discern: We don’t need to think about whether we’re standing in the sunlight or under the shadow of a tree because even with our eyes closed, we can tell the difference. This simple awareness hints of a new power waiting to awake within us. We can learn to discern the difference between thoughts and feelings that are bright and right for us, from those that are dark and demeaning. Here’s where to start: Bring all of your interior states into your awareness of their entrance and passage through you and watch as your own illuminated nature reveals friend from foe.


  1. Keep it Simple: Thoughts are not what they represent; in reality, they’re simply shadows of the Real. Yet they can have substance, as when, in cluttered bunches, they turn into clouds of dark confusion. To invite more light into your life, don't allow your mind to draw you into its conflict over what "this or that" unwanted event may mean to you. To avoid being dragged off into another endless cavern of dark thoughts, add the light of this understanding: If confusion comes from having no direction, then how can it provide one? It can't! Which means now you know what not to do when facing any temporary state of confusion.


  1. Refuse to Excuse what the Light Reveals: Any sense of our self that wants to justify or explain away some shadow or darkness that we see in ourselves, is itself a part of the reaction to what has been revealed. As such, this level of reactive self is rooted in a secret vanity that is part of the darkness it seeks to protect. Add this light to your self-discovery: There is no such thing as seeing a “bad” fact about yourself! Stand in the atmosphere of this Inner Light and what is true will flourish; what is false will fade.


  1. Remember the Light: Getting us to dwell on how dark we feel at any given moment is one of the ways in which unseen forces of darkness work within us to convince us that our lives are without Light and — in some cases — that such a Light has never existed. Rubbish! All we need to do in dark moments of feeling abandoned by the Light is to remember this: The Light we long for is never farther from us than our wish to stand within it. Then we need only to remember this truth, come wide awake, and watch the darkness start to disappear.


Guy Finley, author of The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred

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