The Great Secret Hidden Within Each Moment

The Great Secret Hidden Within Each Moment - Guy Finley

Whenever we put ourselves on the side of what we know is true, then the truth takes our side, lending us what is noble, needful, and divine. Truth sees to it that we are strengthened by wisdom, sheltered by light, and that our hearts know the peace of having fulfilled her plan. And the more we choose in favor of being awake to our own True Self, the sooner we will come to realize the timeless happiness that already awaits anyone who will seek it first.

To do so, we must stop searching for some kind of happiness to come and learn what it means for us to be whole in the present moment— for all forms of momentary happiness have proven themselves as little more than brightly colored clouds briefly set afire by the setting sun.

Likewise, it is never the unwanted moment or condition itself that has us stuck; it is that we are unknowingly hung up in habitual thoughts and feelings about our situation. To be new and live in the Now we must learn to see our lives from the part of us that knows our True Nature is not created to be a captive of anything!

Each life lesson gained, each timeless truth gleaned by going through what we would have rather not gone through, confirms a great secret unknown by the masses: the whole universe had to have participated in that moment of our transformation, otherwise none of the necessary elements could have been in the right place at the right time to deliver that perfectly tailored lesson. Here, we find personal evidence of what new physics now professes as true. Our life sits at the very center of a universe that revolves around it. But to this wondrous discovery we must add one more insight: as this is true for my life, it is equally so for everyone else. Each of us lives in the heart of this Great Center around which everything eternally turns. The sooner we awaken to this great lesson—that all of us are at cause for the creation of our lives, moment by moment —the sooner will also pass away all of the conflict in this weary world of ours.

This article is excerpted from Let Go and Live in the Now by Guy Finley

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