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The Importance of Sports for the Development of Your Child

The Importance of Sports for the Development of Your Child

When we think about our kids’ development, we usually imagine going through certain milestones like learning to walk, learning to talk, learning how to express their emotions, making friends, etc. However, the development includes a whole variety of physical, emotional and social elements that need to be exercised at home and at school. One way to give your child an advantage when it comes to easy, fast and successful development is to sign them up for sports. Here are just some of the benefits your child can reap from sports during their development: 

It promotes healthy growth 

We all know physical activity is good for the body, so we try to stay as active as possible as adults. However, sports are not just good for grown-ups, but for the little ones as well. Sports activities monitored by trained coaches and teachers can help proper development of muscles, tendons and bones. Physical activity is also excellent for cardiovascular health, training the lungs and the heart to be strong. Additionally, sports have rules and sequences that need to be memorized, so physical activity is great for information processing, memory, focus and improved mental achievement. 

It improves self-esteem

Many kids struggle with self-esteem, and parents really do try to help as much as they can. Sports are a great way to allow your child to naturally improve their confidence and realize that they are strong, powerful and valuable. Activities like sports include a lot of ups and downs, teaching kids how to handle failure and how to get up, dust themselves off and continue trying. Learning how to deal with failure, loss and disappointment is a crucial part of a child’s development and maturing, and teaching them to be fair players and fair losers will help them greatly when they start school, get a job, etc. The education kids get from negative experiences is just as important as the education they get from positive experiences, especially in a group setting. 

It practices determination and hard work

In sports, there’s talent and there’s determination—the latter is much more important for success. The same principles apply to the rest of life’s issues and tasks where hard work usually pays off more than pure talent. A naturally talented soccer player won’t go far in their career without discipline, hard work and practice. Before or after practice, you can encourage your child to study soccer training videos and try to apply beneficial tips to their play. Through interesting videos, easy explanations and their peers, kids can learn a lot and surprise everyone, including themselves. 

It helps kids develop friendships

Even if your kid has friends from school or preschool, it’s crucial to allow them to get into contact with kids from all different spheres—this is exactly what happens at sports practice. Sports connect people that might not be able to get together in any other way. And making friends while being encouraged by a trained adult to communicate, collaborate and help each other is very easy and stress-free, even for kids who do not have the easiest time connecting. 

It instills good habits

Practicing sports as a child usually creates great habits that include regular physical activity later in life. Kids that were included in sports grow up to consider the physical activity a normal and necessary part of life. Even if you don’t choose to sign up your kids for sports, you can still practice certain activities with your kids at home as their parents.  And sports are crucial for the maintenance of a healthy weight and the prevention of diabetes, weak bones and problems with high blood pressure—it’s a great present from a perent to a child

It helps kids with social development

Being a part of a team or sports club gives kids a chance to belong to a group and develop team spirit, which is crucial for their future. Sports teach kids to cooperate, help each other and listen to their trainers and other children. One of the most important aspects of sports is listening to authority and practicing discipline. This doesn’t mean that you’re raising your child to be a robot that only listens to orders, but instead to follow rules, accept others’ decisions and understand the concept of punishment for improper behavior. Through sports, kids get excited to follow rules and improve their skills through careful practice. 

Every kid should have access to sports from a young age (starting as early as 5) if you want to give them an advantage in many developmental stages in life. So pick a sport they like and make it as fun and enjoyable as you can for them! 

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