It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Instant Energetic Shift to Happiness

jump-of-joy-in-a-park-picture-id1168380856 Happiness is naturally present and available to you.
“What is happiness?” Are you living in the effects of happiness or “not-happiness”? Bio Energetics and Quantum science are revealing there is a psychological energy relationship to happiness…and to sadness.

Happiness is a byproduct of you being present for you and of radical self-acceptance. We need to access a deeper understanding that we are a creator generating our happiness…

Everything is energy. [02:00] And when one is sad, it means the energy is moving through a wobble—a distortion in your energy field.

At some level of our Self, we determine the degree of happiness allowed to flow through our system. When we allow the energy flow system, the Toric Field flow, through and around our body to move in the way it is designed to move, we experience an amazing reality.

We are able to be in relationship, to share our happiness with others, without depending on them for our happiness or sense of worth. [03:16] Because there is nothing to accomplish to be somebody. Rather, happiness is a state of consciousness that allows love to happen in our life.

[04:57] We are creators here to create the experience we desire…happiness is not a thing to get, it is a state of consciousness—a vibrational frequency that is a byproduct of integration.

[05:39] Sadness is a sign—an indication that we’re not fully present and seated in the Soulful Self. So embrace the sadness you are feeling and accept it. Notice where it is in your body and hug it on the inside. Breathe with it. Don’t get into your head and write a story or name it.

When you come fully present to what you’re feeling—even if it presents itself as sadness—a happiness rises from you because you are being present with you. Choose to be open, present and loving with yourself… And happiness is naturally present and available to you.
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