It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Key To Good Sleep – And Great Dreams!


I’ve yet to find the person who would argue that getting enough quality sleep is a goal in their lives. We know it contributes to better health, lower stress, and even an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. 

Even more, deep sleep offers a time for your mind to access a whole new world when your rational brain and ego are turned off. In this sacred space, there are no limits. You can fly, you can connect with loved ones who have passed over, you can be anyone and do anything. 

Field of Dreams: Your Intuition Speaks

Your intuition can more easily send you messages during this time. The symbols and messages in our dreams can provide intuitive insight, directing us on our path and helping us connect with our higher knowledge, heal old wounds, work through problems, and even give insight into the future. More on that in a minute… but first, let’s talk about how TIRED we all are!

Because if you’re not sleeping, you won’t have the opportunity to receive these valuable experiences. Unfortunately, most of us — 68 percent, according to some researchers — are dealing with insomnia or other sleep issues. That adds up to a lot of grumpy people (and a lot of double cappuccinos as we try to rev up our engines in the morning!). 

Whether it’s trouble falling asleep or trouble STAYING asleep, why is it that a solid night of Zzzzs is so elusive… and can we do anything to improve our sleep, and our dreams? Great news… the answer is… meditate!

How to Meditate for Sleep

You’ve likely heard me sing the praises of meditation on more than one occasion (okay, WAY more than one!). Does meditation help with sleep? YES! All the benefits you receive from a regular meditation practice make it so helpful with getting good sleep! 

Meditation lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress, lowers negative emotions, lowers the perception of pain (which may be keeping you up), and even increases your creativity — which is also tied to your intuition. 

Better Than a Cat Nap?

If you’re still having trouble sleeping or find that you’re tired during the day, try meditating instead of taking a nap. While it’s dangerous to think that meditation can replace sleep, it can refresh your brain and give you an energy boost when a nap isn’t possible, or practical (like, if your co-workers are gonna give you a side-eyed stare when you start drooling on your computer keyboard!). 

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