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Summer of Infinite Potential

The Lessons in Uncomfortable Moments

1132896416592876.Ztk0fIy1OzWh5DL7KJES_height640 The Lessons in Uncomfortable Moments

Where are you living right now? Are you enjoying your life line? Or are you alive but living in your flat line. It’s so important to look inward for the answers and to be present to find out the lessons because in those uncomfortable moments it is where you find your strengths, your purpose, and your growth.

I hope you join me next month at the Global Gathering where I am teaching a Master Mind on The Undiscovered Country: Owning Your Unlimited Potential. Watch my video blog to learn more. 

Rosie Mercado 

You won't want to miss this extraordinary conversation with Rosie Mercado, TV personality, lifestyle coach and model. Rosie is also one of the visionary presenters who is going to share her knowledge and energy at the 2019 Global Gathering this August in Phoenix.

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