The Magic Of Sparklers!

The Magic Of Sparklers! - Dr. Sue Morter

Did you do sparklers as a kid?  

Remember that sense of delight? It is your true state and when you embrace it, you embody your wholeness. 

We all possess the capacity to heal ourselves.

The greatest thing you will ever learn to do is to realize there is only one of us here. We actually are all the people we've been arguing or bonding with.

We are all of the circumstances, all the trials and tribulations, and all the victories and inspirations that have ever occurred. We are all of it.

When we can learn to embrace all of that, and we can, we start to walk as our wholeness. Rather than trying to avoid or deflect, we start to realize we're constantly free.

I want to teach you how to heal yourself so that you are doing it regularly. 

Because if we're all doing it, there's a different vibration in the space between people and the polarized conversations existing in our consciousness right now. It is, and can be, truly simple.

No matter what conversation or situation you find yourself in, you get to choose how you perceive. You get to celebrate this ability to choose to be a healing presence, even while in motion in life. 

Being surrounded by nature offers an enhanced opportunity to heal because you drop into and experience alpha frequency so that you embody the highest possibilities.  

Nature allows us to see and hold a bigger vista. As we do, we integrate more of our wholeness. A byproduct is you heal yourself, make an impact in your life, and in the lives of others.  

As we go through life, we choose our state of being. One example from my life, and no, my life was not always this way, is that I decided my life gets to feel good.

That's my furthest, highest vista. Situations and life get to feel good. This means, it gets to flow with ease and feel good for me. Does that mean that there are only easy things that happen in my life? 

Absolutely not. I could just as easily get caught up in seeing and interpreting things as a challenge or an obstacle.

Rather, set your sights on your furthest vista and know that is what is significant and matters most.

This allows you to focus on, “There's a solution,” and you get busy “finding” it. Instead of generating a story and numbing out through overeating, overdoing, overthinking…or whatever overing you choose in that moment.

Rather, let’s slow it down a little. Drop inside, exhale first. Then breathe through the nose deep into the belly to a count of eight and realize that you get to choose to make it simple.

You choose simplicity when you opt to be solution oriented. Let it be an opportunity for flow and creativity. You’ll discover when you keep an eye on the higher vista, everything between you and that vista, it is just the journey. 

As you open to feel with each step, instead of think or talk about a situation, life has no choice but to meet you at that vista pinnacle. As we feel what we don’t want to feel sooner than later, we train the mind to find the soul.

When the mind finds the soul, everything changes, because the mind now sees differently. Instead of seeing distinctions and judgments, like right and wrong, good and bad, or what's missing or not working, you're in joy.  

Suddenly it no longer matters if this situation isn't flowing exactly the way it's supposed to because that isn't going to stop the journey. 

There is a ride trying to happen in your life based on a wave of grace. A wave of grace that is here to carry you right through these in-between vistas to whatever it is that you're seeking to experience. 

I invite you to give it a try. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you’re avoiding, because when you let yourself feel it, it can be remedied. Desire to learn more about how to do that? Join me for an in-person summer healing retreat! We will be steeped in the alpha frequency of nature and play so that you experience the delight as you embrace your furthest vista with ease.

With Great Love, 
Dr. Sue

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