The Major Mistakes People Make In Relationships

If you want to have good relationships, don't expect people to mind read. Drop those expectations and projections, communicate how you feel without blame, expectation and entitlement.”

In relationships, we sometimes expect our loved ones to be psychic. We expect those we love to know what we want and know how to respond to our needs without giving any direction. If they don’t, we often get upset, feel unloved, rejected and hurt. Can you relate? Listen to this week’s episode as I share mistakes we make in our relationships and ways to make it easier to deal with conflicts and build stronger and healthier relationships.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is the major mistakes people make in relationships?
  • What sets us up to fail in relationships?
  • How important is growth and maturity in a relationship?
  • What are some of the effects of our own attachments, projections and expectations in our relationships?
  • What do people do to betray themselves in relationships?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Important ways to understand what you desire and focus on what you really want.
  • How expectations can create disappointment in relationships and what to do to overcome this.
  • How non-communication sets us up to fail.
  • A key reason why we do not communicate in relationships and how to move through that.
  • How your interpretation of an experience becomes your reality.

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