It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Meaning of Resurrection Especially in These Times

First you must realize you are asleep, then you wake up, then you die so you may be born. You cannot be born until you die and you cannot die until you wake up.
Jungian psychology

There are traditions across the world which celebrate Easter and the joy of Christ being risen. Storytelling is one of the most ancient natural medicines we have for the healing of our hearts and our soul. The Easter story is so powerful yet it deepens who we are in our humanity when we allow the story to be personal for ourselves. How can we allow the Christ consciousness to be born within us? 

During these unpredictable and uncertain times we are living in, we are all called to rise up. We have a profound, once in a lifetime moment to seize this window of a universal time out to quiet the noise in our minds and allow a greater connection of God to be experienced in our lives. 

This amazing time out not only keeps us at home; it allows us the opportunity to resurrect to our more natural selves. A homecoming of how we are really meant to be. We can celebrate allowing the old parts of ourselves to die so the new can rise up. Major unexpected events give us the gift to stop, search our hearts and connect with what really matters on this human journey. This time is no different. We can remember this time when we look back in our history as a defining moment when we transcended from greed and arrogance, being self centered rather than centered in self and we grew to a new level of connection. We allowed ourselves to rise up.

We can learn to embrace our families, our children, our community and all sentient beings in a heartfelt way not driven by underlying falsehoods of relevance. 

My greatest hope for our country and our communities is we will not go back to our old ways of doing things but capture the impact which stillness has had upon us and see how we move forward in a more compassionate way.

The celebration of Easter requires us to see beyond just an event that we do one time a year. It is an ongoing relationship with ourselves and God and how we can allow what we no longer need to die so the Christ within us shall sign brightly in all areas of our lives.

Loving Life,

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