It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The millions of men and women who are showing up every day

scientists-studying-a-virus-looking-through-microscope-picture-id1215565992 The millions of men and women who are showing up every day

Stephanie and I recently enjoyed a week in the Colorado Rockies with Dylan, Sophie, and their friends. I knew this was going to be a relaxing few days away from the normal (and wonderful) busyness of the Humanity’s Team workday and that we’d have a great time being together hiking and riding bikes, sharing meals, conversation, and laughter.

What I didn’t expect to happen was that within the deep relaxation of the physical body and mental mind, my heart exploded open in gratitude for what’s come to be known as the front-line workers of the 2020 pandemic and also those who knowingly or unknowingly are helping to raise the consciousness of humanity, including George Floyd and John Lewis, who recently yielded their physical form.

Here in the United States, and all over the planet, people are taking a stand for what they believe in. They are raising their voices and bodies in the demand for justice, equality, and kindness. 

(To make sure that I communicate my strong belief in inclusiveness to you as well as I’m able, I want also to say that I believe those who respond to the protests are also standing for what they believe in. After all, who of us is called to judge the Divine unfolding?)

Regardless, as the unrest and frustration of many continues to be expressed, opinions are formed and action is taken accordingly. But in the midst of protest and response, what seems most important to me, and to many of my friends and colleagues, is that humans learn to base their actions on love, respect, and Oneness.

Marianne Williamson, my friend and the upcoming September, 2020 recipient of the Humanity’s Team Spiritual Leadership Award, has been quoted as saying,

 We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present.”

I believe that through this period of pandemic, Life, or the Divine, is showing all of us that it’s the ever-present moment of opportunity to express love that is—and has always been—the only thing that truly has the power to change our world in a more positive, healthy, and flourishing direction. 

Marianne herself brought Love to the political arena during her bid for the presidency, and even though she is no longer officially in the race, the energy of her “Love Platform” reverberates with effective, rippling intensity.

And that brings me back to this overflowing sense of gratitude I’m feeling for the front-line staff and essential key workers across the planet. 

Who are these millions of men and women who are showing up every day to keep the rest of the world well supported and cared for during these times of great challenge, shift, and possibility?

Well, aside from all of the courageous health care providers we’ve heard so much about, they are the workers making deliveries and stocking shelves. The orderlies changing bedding in hospitals and other care facilities. They are the child-care providers, the postal workers, the garbage collectors, the cleaners and aides of all sorts. 

They are the store clerks, bus, truck and train workers, and so many others in a variety of industries including telecommunications, IT, food and agriculture, utilities and public works. I couldn’t possibly name them all.

They are the men and women of all ages—who in many cases are paid well-below any semblance of reasonable income—who are showing up every day to make sure that things keep running smoothly across all geographical populations (as much as is humanly possible during these times).

Don’t get me wrong. As a husband and father, as well as an executive director of a nonprofit organization, I fully understand the magnitude of personal necessity and that individual well-being and economics are involved in people’s decisions to go to work every day—be that work considered front-line or not. 

But I know, too, that something else is at play. I know without a doubt in my own soul that the Divine is being revealed day after day through all of these essential key workers and other consciousness-raising individuals.

I’ve always been one who is inclined toward appreciation. Recently, I’ve been astounded at how much the heart can be opened to feelings of gratitude. There seems to be no limit.

How are you being touched by the love that is rippling through the Universe?

And how are you making sure that your own opinions and reactions are based on a foundation of Love?

We truly are in this together.



Steve Farrell

Worldwide Executive Director

Humanity’s Team

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Firmly Anchored in the Present Moment

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