The Power of Despair

iStock-1091233350 “What I am cannot hurt me.” Will Hale

I have selected a few quotes related to The Power of Despair from my One Light, Many Reflections collection. Savor each idea by having three or four breaths between reading each quote to contemplate and expand the meaning to yourself.

“If you are curious how to find pure love, I recommend going to a place within yourself that is so despairing all you want to do is die and then find something you are willing to live for.” Will Hale 12-8-14

“It is easy to die for what you believe in but it takes real courage to live for what you love.” Will Hale 5-24-14

“The emotions of grief come in two tones, the agony of loss and the joy of gratitude, both come from love.” Will Hale 12-15-12

“You can’t really kill yourself, because the part you can kill is not yourself.” Will Hale 12-28-14

“We only need to kill the part of our identity that is a lie, not the parts we hate. The parts we hate, need our love.” Will Hale 1-14-15

“What I am cannot hurt me.” Will Hale 5-9-14

“Healing is not about being worthy, it’s all about being willing.” Will Hale 12-2-2007

“Forgiveness without gratitude is incomplete forgiveness.” Will Hale 2000

“Purification is about restoration, not destruction.” Will Hale 2014

“You cannot fail in healing when all you need is love.” Will Hale 7-13-14

“The only cure I have ever found for grief is gratitude.” Will Hale 2004

“Never underestimate the power of an indestructible soul.” Will Hale 1-19-16

Which quote resonates most with you? What ideas arise related to your life experience?

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“Death is the opposite of birth, not the opposite of life. Life is eternal.” Eckhart Tolle

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