The Power of Ruby Red Slippers and Prayer

The Power of Ruby Red Slippers and Prayer - Arielle Ford

First, I was very clear about the outcome I was desiring.

Second, I bought a pair of dark red patent leather shoes that I named my ruby red slippers and I wore them as a reminder that I had as much or more power than he did.

Third, For the week leading up to the meeting I practiced the technique with a long Hawaiian name, Ho’oponopono.

This is a simple but truly effective method for forgiving, healing, letting go, releasing, recovering, becoming whole, and loving more deeply by silently repeating four phrases:

Please forgive me, I’m sorry, I love you and thank you. As you are repeating these phrases you imagine yourself together with the person or situation surrounded and wrapped by the Divine.

Whether the man I was meeting was really a wicked wizard or just a weird CEO trying to frighten people, the theory is that everything and everyone that comes into your life is a reflection of your own internal state. So, it is actually yourself you must heal no matter where you see the problem.

Did it work?


I left the meeting with an offer that exceeded all of my expectations and was more than pleased with the outcome. (And, yes, he was definitely a weird wizard with mindboggling talent.)

I have used this technique many times with great success…. if you have something in your life that needs manifesting, forgiveness, healing (and who doesn’t?), give it a try!

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,



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