It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Road to Happiness

roadtohappiness The Road to Happiness
We must realize that our own power is limitless and we can truly say,  that the power of the sub conscious is beyond all measure. It inspires and guides us. It can recall scenes from memory and take us into our future. It actually regulates assimilation and elimination. Our sub conscious controls all the vital processes and functions of the body. It has the answer to all the problems. 

Stress is self created,  therefore mastering ourselves is truly in our own hands.  Stress looms large on a conscious or sub conscious level in our lives. As much as it is the manifestation of our own minds,  it is also controlled by it, and we need to understand this. 


The power of the sub conscious is a power that never sleeps or rests. We can discover it's miraculous effects by plainly stating to the subconscious, before sleeping, a specific required accomplishment. Amazingly, much to your initial surprise, you will see your desire accomplished. Here is a power putting you in touch with the universal forces. Live in the faith and belief, as to the wisdom of the Universe. This is the power that moves the world


The subconscious is the storehouse,  from where great artists,  musicians and writers draw their inspiration and power, it enables them to produce their great work. Similarly in our lives, stress can be controlled by us too and the sub conscious power can be harnessed to keep stress at bay .


Esdaille, a Scottish surgeon practiced in the 1840's. This was before the modern methods of chemical anesthesia were used. All the operations performed by him,  were done under mental anesthesia. The patients didn't feel the pain at all. Esdaille suggested to his patients, who were in a hypnotic state, that no pain would be there and no infection would develop.  Their minds responded to the suggestion. The suggestion would set in motion the processes needed  to fight the dangers of infection. 


We must realize that within us is the power and intelligence, that far transcends the intellect. We really do marvel at this reality. All our positive experiences make us realize the power of our own sub conscious mind. 


Whatever is impressed on your subconscious mind, manifests as a reality in the outer world. 


Health, happiness, peace and joy are only possible, when the conscious and subconscious work in peace and harmony together, then there is no sickness and discord happening. 


Your frustrations in life, which are actually your major cause of stress,  are due to unfulfilled desires. Thinking negative, generates negative emotions, which in turn manifests as tensions, anxieties, ulcers, skin diseases etc. 


Feel the thrill of your accomplishments beforehand. Whatever you imagine and feel is accepted by your subconscious mind, and it creates a parallel reality. 


We can affirm "I believe that my subconscious desires are fulfilling through me" . This will put you on the road to happiness. 

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