The Secret Gateway to Peace and Fulfillment

The Secret Gateway to Peace and Fulfillment - Guy Finley

Each spring great forces are released to work upon and within us. During this time of the year the possibility of making a brand new beginning in life is never greater. Why is this true? Because spring also “dawns” within us, and if we will align ourselves with the power of its presence, then working for us is the unstoppable principle of rebirth itself. But, if we would receive this new life, with all its promise, then we must be willing to sacrifice within us whatever stands in its way…


  • One's fear of seeing himself as being "nothing" in the world does not make him something; nor can this resistance protect him in any meaningful way. To the contrary: The only one who comes to know the lasting contentment of true spiritual fulfillment is that unique person who realizes that the fear of emptiness is itself an empty power.


  • When we always have someplace better to be or feel we must make something more of ourselves, we miss seeing two great truths: first, all imagined destinations are dreams whose promised fulfillment fades the nearer we draw to them . . . and second, that where we are in each moment is a field of possibilities whose riches are not only immediate, but everlasting.


  • See the ocean: it does not run after its own waves, as it knows they must return to rest in her depths. And so it is for us: whether we speak of joy, peace, strength, or love itself, there is no greater illusion than that we should find the source of our True Self outside of ourselves.


  • Being at peace, and learning to live with quiet confidence – even as the world spins wildly around us – begins as we realize the presence and power of an interior stillness that neither needs, nor searches for, anything outside itself in order to quietly know itself.


  • We cannot give ourselves peace, security, or love; they are not to be possessed, only participated within. The secret gateway to their life is in their eternal presence that can only be entered into now.


If we will only dare to give everything we are to whatever we may be doing at the moment – then, when that relationship reaches its natural end – we will always find we have been given more than we had at the start. It is law: to be filled anew, we must be willing to empty ourselves of ourselves time and time again.


This article is excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go by Guy Finley


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