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The Secret Sauce to Achieving Your Goals in 2019

Successfully manifesting your desires is a combination of several factors.

First, you need clarity on what exactly you are asking for.

Second, you need to take time each day to move out of your head and into your heart to feel what it will feel like to have that desire right now, in this moment. I call this a feelingization.

And finally, you need to implement the “secret sauce.”

Research shows that making goals is useful. People who set goals are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t!

A study by the Brigham Young University compared the statements by a person made about a particular change (or outcome) in their lives to the likelihood of them actually incorporating it… the results were as follows:

Of those that made the statement “that’s a good idea”, had a 10% chance of making a change.

Of those that committed and said, “I’ll do it.” They had a 25% chance of making a change.

Of those that said WHEN they would do it, they had a 40% chance of making a change.

Of those that set a SPECIFIC PLAN of how to do it, they had a 50% chance of change.

Of those that committed to SOMEONE ELSE that they would do it, they had a 60% chance of change.

Of those that set a specific time to SHARE THEIR PROGRESS with someone else, have a 95% chance of change!!!

SO, the secret sauce is this: make sure you have an accountability partner. This is someone who truly cares about you, and wants the best for you, and will communicate with you at least once a week to make sure you are doing what you say you are going to do and vice versa.

Wishing you love, laughter, and magical kisses,

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