The Secret to Funding Your Dreams


There are some hugely negative connotations in our culture today about constantly having new ideas and dreaming about your future. We’re pressed towards having a steady, life-long career regardless of how it makes us feel, making a lot of money, and that’s our culture’s definition of success… So why do I talk so much about what it means and how it feels to be a dreamer?

Because here’s the truth about dreaming: no dream is idle. As a dreamer, you are one of the lucky ones. You have the energy, openness, and creativity to allow dreams to manifest within you and become your new reality.

Dreaming and pursuing your dreams shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. There’s no denying that money affords opportunity, but I believe you can turn the money you have right now into a sustainable support for your dream. You’re not rich? Not a problem. I wasn’t either when I started my financial business. All you need is to find the root of your dream, be practical about where you invest your time and how you save, spend, and invest your money.

How to Find the Root of Your Dream

I want you to think back to your childhood and teenage years: what did you enjoy without prodding from your mom or dad, or school teachers? Maybe you had dance classes you couldn’t miss, an instrument you adored playing, or a hobby you’ve long forgotten about since then. Does your current work life reflect any of the things you used to enjoy?

As we grow older, we often look back on our dreams in childhood as simply child’s play. But what if they were more than that? Your current dreams today could be rooted in the hobbies you had as a child or teenager. The key to finding them is looking for what used to make you giggle.

Take a little time to explore where your big ideas are rooted. That doesn’t mean put your ballet toe shoes back on, but consider finding ways to get involved in an industry you used to love. Be open-minded. Follow your pursuits wherever they may take you and watch your personal judgement begin to rise.

Let it come up, then release it. This allows you to move forward rather than repeating the patterns that have kept you stuck for years.

Embrace the Risk (with some Practicality)

Regardless of its size, a risk is always scary. Pursuing your dreams, even if they’re a “safe” one, can be hugely intimidating. That intimidation is even worse when it’s a huge dream that might involve changing careers, starting a business, or changing your current lifestyle. You know what you want to happen, but you have no idea if the chaos that ensues along the way will lead to success.

Here’s the key: trust that when you follow your personal intuition, all will fall into perfect alignment.

Being financially stable, keeping a safe career, and making sure the risks are as small as possible might just prevent you from fully pursuing your dream. You know the saying, “You’re never going to be financially ready to have a child. Just do it and it’ll all work out.” Well, your dreams are the same.

You can maintain a sense of practicality and make a good plan for pursuing your dream, but there will never be zero risk involved in going after what you really want. If you keep getting ready to have enough savings before you make a forward move, you might never do it. So maybe now is the time to just do it. There’s no time like the present.

It’s Time to Awaken Your Work Life

Funding your dreams and creating a work life you thoroughly enjoy doesn’t have to be a huge, impossible task. Maybe it means starting your own business and pursuing your own separate dream, but maybe it means talking to your boss and asking for different projects, changing positions, or even changing companies.

Don’t believe the lie that pursuing dreams is only for the rich. You simply have to create a situation that allows you to build wealth while building your dreams. Stop thinking of them as separate. If you need extra help braving your risks, finding your dreams, or funding your dreams, join me for our Awaken Your Work Life livestream the first Wednesday of the month at 11am CST. It’s time to Awaken Your Work Life and fund your dreams.

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