It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Universe Law of Positive Energy

happystress The Universe Law of Positive Energy
We must realize that stress is created by our own negative thought patterns. We need to adopt the attitude of positive assumption. We have to understand that there is a law in the Universe of positive energy, which is attracting a positive result. On another note, we also need to realize that our life's attitudes are a result of our thought patterns.  We simply have to turn ourselves into natural self confident persons. This will naturally attract positive energies into our lives and give us only positive results. It is very easy to step into a stressful zone. Weakness is an inherent part of every individual 's thought process.  We have to create a conscious awareness in the opposite thought process. 


I want to talk about how as conscious individuals we have the capacity to change our own thoughts, and consequentially our own reality.  Positive expectations means that we create a dynamic awareness, which turns our positive thoughts into a reality by producing a vibrant energy attracting Universal blessings. 


Pessimists live in a constant state of worry. They fill themselves up with negative expectations on a subconscious level. They are mostly unaware of this state in their conscious awareness. They manage to forget their personal power and start thinking and feeling otherwise. 


An optimist has the power to develop an awareness of his own inherent worry patterns.He can observe them taking a negative direction and consciously control his thoughts. He knows how to make a conscious choice of being selective. As an optimist he will naturally tell himself "What if everything turns wonderful "
A pessimist on the other hand has a natural habit of assuming the worst. Thus he begins to attract the energies of fear and doubt, and inevitably attracts the results he fears. 


As it is true of all mental and emotional patterns,  your own resonance will attract corresponding vibration from the Universe. It is very easy to get caught up in a negative cycle if that is the energy we are resonating with. We perpetuate anxiety and stress by keeping ourselves tipping in that direction. 


It is one's own upstream attitude which is going to create positive results for us. The results may seem a bit slow in coming, but whatever is going on in our lives and in in our environment,  which is influencing our thought patterns, will eventually give us the desired results accordingly. 


We need to feel ourselves in the flow of our consciously optimistic thoughts. 

We need to be the following ways:
1. Feel generally relaxed in the present and trust in the future. 
2. See problems as temporary. 
3. Look for easy solutions. 
4. Be spontaneous and geared towards fun. 
5. Be more balanced. 
6. Try to be actively social. 
7. Let go of the past. 
8. Look for happiness. 

A recent study has revealed that the single factor in longevity is the ability to return our thoughts from negativity and self defeating, to positivity and joyousness. This will help you to look forward towards the future. 

By consciously remaining in the flow of happy thoughts, you will then actually manage to manifest assistance from the Universe in remarkably positive ways. 

This is your most powerful tool.The moment you are consciously aware that you are creating a negative vibration pattern which is drawing your life into an unrequired direction, you can change it. 

These will help in shifting your energy from negative to positive. You will naturally counteract spontaneous negative thinking. Shower yourself with positive thoughts which will naturally reverse your negative patterns and shift you into a positive energy zone.  

Live the life of your dreams.  Live in Joy. 
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