There is a significant difference between being born and being birthed.


As I continue to celebrate the joy, power and privilege of life, I have made some great discoveries regarding being born and being birthed.

Being born is nature and natural and you were born due to the energy and effort someone was willing to put into carrying you and releasing you. Once you are supported and moving past your teenage years, you do not need to be carried by anyone else. Your soul purpose is to become a self actualized individual based upon what you agreed to before you showed up. As long as you are in bondage or needing to be carried or needing to be approved of by anyone else, you will never know true freedom. More than likely you will settle for mediocrity.

Birthing is your job, not your parents nor your teacher nor someone you admire. You will occasionally hear the right words at the right time, you will resonate with a song or words or a reflection of someone else yet the entire purpose is for you to be birthed. You will be birthed thousands of times in one lifetime if you are authentic, free and full of energy and If you do not live from a box or have a paradigm box mentality.

If you feel in your heart you have a large purpose then you will note you may have experienced lots of large problems. This is where so many people abandon their purpose and take the laid back road. They then fall into the illusion of control and being controlling for they desire not to continue to be birthed. Those problems were not created so you would spend your entire lifetime drawing from a space that you are broken rather than having these experiences so you could understand the depth of humanity. Each issue you have faced has prepared you for the face of someone else allowing you to hear their hearts. 

I am so grateful to the kind and unkind encounters in my life. The loving and the unloving...always instructive. The inconsistencies of individuals led me to a deeper place inside myself so I could create a solid foundation working with immutable laws. Developing a core of faith and dreams which could sustain any test of time. 

The natural laws are millions of years old. Don’t spend your life arguing with them. Understand the flow of them and you will be birthed beyond your wildest imagination. 

Thank you to everyone I have ever encountered for you have helped me birth a thousand times and so many more to follow. I have just begun.

What about you? Birthing is a necessity to truly be a leader not only in your life but to impact the lives of others. 

Loving Life,

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