It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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This Four-Letter-Word Can Save You


Have you noticed all the tension in the air these days? Stress has become a regular companion for many of us, especially when our plates continue to overflow with responsibility. Add to that job stress, financial worries, family arguments, car trouble, the annoying driver who’s tailgating us or the person in our grocery line who’s taking their sweet old time…and our anxiety levels creep closer to the verge of explosion.

In a recent study by Gallup, people from various countries were asked to describe what stress means to them. They mentioned words such as problems, anger, fear and anxiety. Some people even related stress to feelings of overthinking, powerlessness and aging. But what this study didn’t show is that stress is often the result of a disconnection with our soul. When we’re united in partnership with our soul, all things fall into place.

As souls, we are all connected to each other. And as sensitive empaths, we can’t help but feel this surge of anxiety and stress around us that can blur our peaceful nature. How do we stop ourselves from overreacting? How do we let go? How do we get back our power and reconnect with our tranquil soul?

Years ago, I learned a very effective technique from Deepak Chopra on how to deal with stress. It’s centered around an acronym of an all-too familiar four-letter word. No, not that one! It’s the word STOP. I’ve changed it up a little and it really does work.

I’ve posted this technique on Facebook and Instagram before, and even created a short video about it. I hope you’ll try it when the gauge on your stress level is heading off the charts.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                                                    

Have you ever taken out your anxiety or anger on someone who just happens to be standing next to you? Sometimes tension builds up from your stressful life and causes you to snap or yell at someone who doesn’t deserve it or someone you might not even know.

Whenever you feel a mounting tension or anxiety within yourself, try this S.T.O.P. technique before you react. It just might save you a lot of grief.

Please share this technique with family members and friends. I’m sure it will benefit them greatly and certainly help strengthen the soul connections within you and with all those around you.

You can also watch another YouTube video where Deepak discusses his STOP formula here >>

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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